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Developing Ideas in Number Theory Assignment

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Developing Ideas in Number Theory Module Handbook77-6744-00S2016 Semester 1Module leader: Jo TomalinLevel 6
Developing Ideas in Number Theory Assignment_1
IntroductionIn this module we will be looking in more depth at ideas that occur throughout the secondary maths syllabus, such as primes, factors, fractions, division, equations.You will be working in groups on exploring situations, developing and modifying conjectures and looking for proofs of different kinds.We will use ICT in some sessions, particularly Excel to aid our explorations. You will be expected to do plenty of collaborative and individual work outside the taught sessions, on consolidating and completing class work during the taught sessions, and then on developing ideas towards your assignment. You should be able to come to your first tutorial with a substantial amount ofwork to discuss. And you should expect to use both of your tutorials to take you further with the work than you could get on your own.
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