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Hindu Theory of Atman and Buddhism No-self Theory

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Added on  2020-02-24

Hindu Theory of Atman and Buddhism No-self Theory

   Added on 2020-02-24

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PHILOSOPHY1Hindu theory of atman and Buddhism no-self theory:This world consists of various religions that have different beliefs and values. Similar things arelooked differently by the people who have different religious background. This is because theconcepts and the teachings that have been taught to them by their religious teachers are different.The basis of the concepts remains same but the thinking and the viewpoints regarding thatconcept is different (Adhikary, 2010). The major concept that has been discussed by variousreligions is the concept of self. This is the concept that has frequent theories associated with it bydifferent religion followers. No religion would be totally satisfied with the teaching and theoriesof the teachings and theories of self by other religion. The contradiction is observed in theBuddhism theory and the Hinduism theory (Klostermaier, 2007). Although, Buddhism is the partof Hinduism, still they refused to agree on the points Hinduism follow on the concept self that isalso called as “Atman”. Hinduism believes that there is self in each of the human body that iscalled soul or atman. This is the basis of existence for humans in Hinduism and they claim thatsoul is what makes the humans how they are and not the body. Human body is just considered asthe external container that holds the soul. Atman is not a physical element but is present in thehuman body. During incarnation of the human body, this soul leaves the body as soul cannot dieaccording to the Hinduism theory (Narayanan, 2009). On the other hand, Buddhism is thereligion that believes in the theory of “anatman”. Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism think that there isno self in the body that is required for the existence, but it is the cause and effects that are thebasis of life on earth. The below discussion provides the information about both the concepts andbeliefs of self and the judgment has been made in the end regarding the plausibility of one of thetheory. Hindu believes that there is soul in every body. The soul is considered as immortal, invisible andeternal in nature (Narayanan, 2009). The soul is called atman which breathes inside humans.Atman should not be confused with the mind or body as it is distinct from both. According to thetheory of Hinduism, self-awareness is to be aware of the nature of the soul of the person and notthe mind or body’s nature (Heimsath, 2015). This is the reason why self-awareness considered sodifficult. It is this awareness that helps in distinguishing the great personalities from the normal
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