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ETHICS 1ETHICSStudent’s NameThe InstitutionProfessor’s NameThe Date
ETHICS 2Dilemma for Sally The dilemma that Sally is involved in revolves around the fact that she must exercise objectivityand accountability in her services. At the same time, she does not want to lose the hard earned reputation of the government that she is working for due to the allegation and the closure that hasfollowed the event. Sally thus has to take steps that will somehow take the two into considerationwhich most likely will form conflicting events[ CITATION Pol141 \l 1033 ].How to Analyze and Resolve the Dilemma At this juncture, Thomas’ methodology of analyzing and resolving conflicts will be significant. Sally needs to analyze the dilemma first through analyzing the consequences of the steps that she wants to take. That is which side will be favored and which side will be deprived ifa certain step is considered. In addition, what are the benefits that will be accrued if a given resolution strategy is taken into consideration? Sally needs to take into consideration the short term and the long term effects of the actions that are to be utilized. After considering all the alternatives that are available it is now essential to choose the best alternative, that is the option that has the highest number of benefits as compared to the harms that it will pose[ CITATION Tho17 \l 1033 ]. The next step involves analyzing the actions. Here, consequences are secluded from the equation. At this point, only the actions are looked at. That is; what is the morality of the actionsthat are to be utilized to resolve the ethical issue. That is, are they honest, fair and respectful to others? Or do they have the element of equity? It is also significant for Sally to check if any of the ethical principles are conflicting, and if they are conflicting, how she can resolve to accomplish one ethical principle that is paramount and with limited problems. The last step is to

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