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Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care Doc

Added on - 28 Mar 2020

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Running Head: Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care1Diploma in Early Childhood Education and CareNameInstitution
Diploma In Early Childhood Education and Care2Child 1 name (first name only):StephenAge:2 yearsGender: MaleDevelopmental AreaDescription of child’sskill levelSuggested activitySafety modificationsrequiredOpen CollegesCHCECE005 Provide care for babies and toddlersPage2of29
Diploma In Early Childhood Education and Care3CognitiveDevelopmentThis is the child's ability tolearn and solve problems.This child has low abilityon learning problems andhow to solve them. It istherefore not easy tounderstand what problemhe may be addressing anddifferentiate it from adifferent problem.Self-feeding.the childwas not able to feedhimself properly. Hecould not manage totake the food fromthe plate directly tomouth. Some couldpour down, only alittle reached him.When a chick camearound and snatchedsome food he couldbehave funny, startfearing lifting handsand legs up crying.Role model-thereshould be a grown uparound to oversee thechild as he is feeding.This is for them toassist keep away thisdestructors coming inas the child isfeeding, for examplethe chick.Keep drinking waternear as the child feedsincase he cries ,he isgiven clean drinkingwater and see if theproblem is solved. Ifcrying doesn’t stoppick the child and tryOpen CollegesCHCECE005 Provide care for babies and toddlersPage3of29
Diploma In Early Childhood Education and Care4to see what elsemaybe the problemmaybe be he is tiredof sitting on his own.PhysicalDevelopmentFine Motor Skills - This isthe child's ability to usesmall muscles, specificallytheir hands and fingers.At this age he is able tohold light things byhimself though not thatfirm. His hands cannoteasily grasp objectsstrongly without dropping.Sometimes he tunes hismind towards the guardianor parent around and letsthe object fall downwithout his knowhow.Grasping food-thechild was to pick thespoon and fetch food.When he fetched thefood got poured as hewas trying to put it inhis mouth. Suddenlyhe started cryingfacing his mother andthe spoon fell down,then he started tryingto wake up and walkSpoon less feeding-the parent or guardianshould ensure thatthey train the child onhow to feed by use oftheir fingers. Thefood should also berelatively warm toavoid hurting thechild.Open CollegesCHCECE005 Provide care for babies and toddlersPage4of29
Diploma In Early Childhood Education and Care5away from the food.PhysicalDevelopmentGross Motor Skills - This isthe child's ability to uselarge muscles.The child is able to walkon his own .he is notstable enough ,in case hecomes across an objectthat will be in contact withhis legs, he easily fallsdown. When walking on aroad he tends to run aheadof the accompanyingperson. But if he meets anoncoming vehicle, bicycleor livestock he turns backrunning towards theaccompanying person forrescue. At this time heGo pick a toy-thechild had to go andpick his toy that waslying outside thehouse. As he walkedhe stepped on a smallpiece of wood thatwas laying on hisway and fell down.Hand support whenwalking-the guardianshould walk with thechild while holdinghis hand to ensurethat they are stableand don’t fall downanyhow.Open CollegesCHCECE005 Provide care for babies and toddlersPage5of29
Diploma In Early Childhood Education and Care6may fall down and theydon’t know how to keepaside for the vehicle topass.Social and EmotionalDevelopmentThis is the child's ability tointeract with others,including helpingthemselves and self-control.The child tends to beselfish. He finds it hard toshare his toys with otherchildren yet he admiresother children’s toys andwants to be given them. Inaddition he cries out forhelp as he struggles to gethis friends toys. If theother children may opt towalk away from him hecries too because despiteLending toys to hisfriends-the child wasrequested by otherchildren whom hewas playing with tolend them his toy.Instead he refusedand started hiding itbehind his back.When the childrenwithdrew theiropinion andInducing thoroughinteraction with otherchildren-the guardianor parent shouldensure that the childis allowed to playwith differentchildren on theirwatch. The child canalso be taken toplaces where theymeet many andOpen CollegesCHCECE005 Provide care for babies and toddlersPage6of29
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