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DISCUSSION 9 & 102Part 1: The applicant has full right to ask for more money for accepting the job since the assessment ofthe applicant has the worth to the new company which is more than what is assessed by themanager. The manager’s frustration is his or her ability for anticipating the development inprogress which is now making traumatic circumstances for the manager. The manager has anobjective to gather which is to fill up position for the applicant's post within predetermined dateand fixed budget. But the manager needs to make the calm decision that will help theorganization to achieve the goals as his frustration will negatively impact the organization andthis will not lead organization anywhere.( Gatewood, R,2015)They have to set the salary that is near to his expectations and which is suitable for them also asthe employee’s acts as an asset for a company may be he or she can lead to the success of anorganization. As due to salary or the other reasons for the growth only there is no retention in thecompanies due to which the employees shift from one company to another. (Valcik, N. A.,2017)Part 2:Outsourcing the recruitment is like outsourcing the other function that is not essential for theother lines of business as it has its own pros and cons. It is right that by outsourcing it savestimes but as a disadvantage, its use to add up the dollar cost and the personal involvement isbeing lost in the process of outsourcing. There are two types of outsourcing agencies i.e. publicand private employment services.

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