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Discussion:The workers should be allowed to strike but they should give a notice of at least 14 days beforegoing on a strike. This will prepare the management for the strike and cessation of work andthey can look for alternative or they can think about the demands of the workers for which theyare going on strike. Also, the notice will make the strike legal otherwise, anyone would go tostrike and they will ask for irrelevant and unreasonable things from the management. Permanent strike replacements should not be allowed because this would destroy the goodrelationships that the companies have developed with the employees. Also, the people haveexperience and if they are replaced, the new people have to be trained again. But, if the strike isunfair and unreasonable, then the permanent replacements should be allowed because theexisting workers are trying to harm the company and they won’t be beneficial in the future. The third party dispute resolution procedures are required because expert advice is needed forsome cases and the negotiation fails many times. Third party will focus on the win-win situationand it will be neutral towards both the parties. The disputes will be resolved without harm andbotheration. Also, a fair and unbiased decision will be guaranteed. This plan will be sold to the other parties by convincing them about the benefits of this plan, byshowing them the usefulness of the plan to the company and by making them believe in riskreduction due to this plan.

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