Dissertation on Impact of Online Reviews on Selection of Restaurant

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Dissertation Proposal1
Title: The impact of online reviews on selection of restaurant by consumers”Research philosophy Research philosophy encompasses the belief that governs the way in which data shouldbe collected as well as analysed about a particular phenomenon (Daniel and Sam, 2011). Thepresent dissertation will be intended to study the impact that online reviews have on customerselection of restaurant. There are various types of research philosophies. They are positivism,interpretivism, realism, objectivism, pragmatism etc. Positivism philosophy has perception thatthe world is external and objective (Bhattacharyya, 2009). In contrast to this, interpretivismphilosophy assumes that reality can be appropriately understood through subjective interpretationof intervention. For the present research, positivism will be chosen as the philosophy. This philosophyassumes that reality is stable. According to it, reality can be studied as well as described from anobjective viewpoint. This philosophy helps in studying the phenomenon without interfering withit. Positivism philosophy assumes that the phenomenon should be isolated. It considers thatobservations should be repeatable. Use of positivism philosophy for the present dissertation isjustified. This is because, it will lead to independency of observer. Moreover, with it, theresearcher will have a responsibility of focusing on the facts. This will assist in determining theways in which online reviews influence the behavior of consumer and their selection ofrestaurants (Johnson and Christensen, 2010). It will enable in collection of relevant data that willhelp the researcher in determining the impact of online reviews on selection of restaurant byconsumers.Further, positivism philosophy will help in reducing the phenomena to simplest element.As a result of this, the phenomenon of online reviews and their impact on consumer selection canbe studied in detail. In this way, various aspects related to the phenomenon can be explored in anin-depth manner. Positivism philosophy will make the researcher independent from the study.This will be beneficial as it will help in reducing the bias. Apart from this, current research onimpact of online reviews on selection of restaurant by consumers will be effectively done withthe help of positivism approach as it help to understand a simple fact in concise manner. Thereason behind the same is well defined structure of the same (Positivism, 2016). It provesrelatively less chances for variances and drastic changes through which researcher can easily3

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