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Dissertation Proposal FormAll students are required to complete this form as apart of therequirements of the dissertation.Student Name:Slyvester NalliahStudent Number:23420707E-mail address:sylvesternalliah@gmail.comOnly complete the following section if you are undertaking a for-company projectCompany Name:Company Contact Person:Company Contact Job Title:Company Contact e-mail:Company Telephone:Company Address:The objective of this document is to start your focus on the purpose and structure ofyour dissertation. At this stage, this is a working document but one which reflects theintent and outlook of a dissertation. It is quite likely and permissible that as youprogress with your dissertation, several aspects of content, direction or emphasis ofthe dissertation will change. It is vitally important that you keep your academic andcompany supervisor informed of any such changes. Also any such changes mayrequire you to reconsider any or all of the content of this proposal form. The working title for the dissertation is:IMPACT OF ADVERTISEMENT ON BRAND AWARENESSWhere will you be based while working on the dissertation? (please mark with X)UK:Outside the UK:The space between each section indicates the required extent of your thoughts at thisstage. Overall your responses should be contained within the next pages.Dissertation Proposal Form1

1)Research Aim: Provide indication as to the overall aim of the dissertation – what, in quitespecific terms, are you trying to find out? This forms the overall purpose of the dissertation.The aim of this study is to help the companies understand and learn thesignificance of advertising. Also, it will help them to structure their brandand adverts to appeal the customers for improved sales and maintain thecompetitive advantage. As this study will provide a clear insight in how theadvertisement may impact the brand awareness, many organizations will bemotivated to use the adverts for marketing their goods. When the companieswill start taking the advertorial mode to publicize their products, theSingapore Economy will be enhanced as more revenue from the tax may getaccrued to the government of Singapore (Pand and Gui, 2016). 2)Research Objectives: State, in more precise detail, what you plan to find out which will helpyou fulfill the research aim? This will help direct the research and provide structure to thedissertation.The following are the main objectives of this research:To identify the factors which motivate the brand loyalty in customersTo identify the impact of advertising on Brand awarenessTo determine the impact of brand awareness on competitive advantageDissertation Proposal Form2

3)Research Question(s): Based around your aims, what specific research questions will youask? This will form the basis of your research in practice; everything you do will be directedtoward answering these questions. Remember to use how, why and what in your questions.The following questions for research were formulated to attain the objectivesassociated with the study:How advertisement helps in influencing the brand equity and brandawarenessHow brand awareness among customers helps in leading to thecompetitive advantageHow it helps in the growth of company as well as brand4)Literature Review Pt.1: Provide a brief literature review of the main authors and themesrelevant to your topic. Indicate any models that you may wish to apply, test or review. This willhelp identify opportunities for study and direct your literature.Dissertation Proposal Form3

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