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Running Head: DUBAI TOURISMLITERATURE REVIEW[Document subtitle]
DUBAI TOURISM1Literature ReviewThe destinations of tourism are competing with one another in order to fascinate the internationaltourists, and the impact helps in improving the economy of the country. The tourism planningand policy in Dubai uses the hybrid integrated model of tourism and relies on the politicalstability. Further, the shopping is the most common activity of tourists and also a motivation forthe purpose of travel. Moreover, the factors like minimum prices and taxes, extensive promotion,great variety of goods and the coverage by media enhance the tourists to shop in Dubai. Theresearchers stated that the Dubai is being perceived as the heaven for shopping during theshopping festivals by attracting numerous tourists.There are various factors which influence the choice of tourists in order to visit Dubai like thestrategic location as it is easy to reach Dubai by flight in almost three hours from Mumbai, eighthours from Hong Kong and it takes the overnight flight from the London, etc. Therefore, Dubaiinternational airport is defined as the busiest airport as there are 135 airlines which are connectedto Dubai. Further, it is easy to reach Dubai for the tourists in order to explore the places andenjoy the shopping festival (Henderson, J. C. 2014). The country has the political stability unlikethe other countries like Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, etc. Dubai functions within the constitutionalmonarchy’s framework and the rulers were accredited for the modernization of Dubai.Furthermore, Dubai's economy soon shifted to tourism, and it has become a destination fortourism. According to the researchers, the economy of Dubai increased by 2.9 percent in 2014i.e. AED 28 billion. The department of commerce management and tourism have beenempowered in order to develop a continuous excitement and buzz in Dubai. They came up withthe events like shopping festival of Dubai, summer surprises of Dubai, etc.
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