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This E-Portfolio template covers topics such as cultural and behavioral expectations of studying for a degree in business management, the importance of peer-to-peer support and team working to enhance learning experience, and personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to learning. It includes a SWOT analysis, reflection of learning, and future implications. The template also identifies opportunities for gaining skills and degree, and threats envisaged in relation to student's attainment of opportunities. The references include books and journals on business management, healthcare, and more.

E-Portfolio Template for Orientation in Higher Education - Desklib

   Added on 2023-06-15

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Brief. E-Portfolio Academic Year 2021-2022
Orientation for Success in Higher Education 1
E-Portfolio Template for Orientation in Higher Education - Desklib_1
E-Portfolio-CPD PLAN/SWOT Analysis.
Area of Learning Reflection of Learning Future Implications Implementation
(Identify and explain
topics of learning from
this module)
(Detail what you have learnt about the topic)
This refers to your own learning as an individual. It
is different from what was taught so avoid
presenting a write up as you would in an essay!
(Identify how learning will assist in future
studies and career)
(Document 3)
(Identify how you will practise
and apply what you have
(Document 4)
Cultural and
expectations of
studying for a degree
in business
(Document 1)
In general, a cultural and behavioural sectors plays a
vital role in the business management. Cultural and
behavioural expectations refer as a standard of living
and how a person expresses their speech in an
organization. This behaviour is helpful in the
business management. These skills promote the way
of conveying the speech and how it can be effective
in the management. An organization is built from
the internal structure of human creatures which
deliver a good culture in a company
(RACHMAWATİ and et.al., 2020). In my academic
sessions, I learned about the importance and
functions of the workplace behaviour and how it can
affect the productivity of an organization. Every
individual needs a good environment where they can
learn and celebrate their success. There are five
major factors which an organization has to follow
for the better success and they are psychological,
traditional, social, personal and economical. Each of
the element is expressing its own importance in the
field of business occupation. A good work
environment can increase the growth and
As I told that I have learned the cultural
and behavioural importance and it will be
helpful for me in the future existence. I
wanted to work in a multinational
organization at human resource position.
Learning this concept and understanding
the values of culture behaviour I can solve
and maintain the good environment at an
organization. This leaning help me to
increase my knowledge and abilities from
which where ever I will do a job I will be
able to balance and provide the employee a
better work surrounding for them. Along
with this, it also improves my motivation
and strength that I will be able to provide a
better surrounding to the people
(Raffaeliand et.al., 2018). Thus, learning
will make me to improve my performance
at professional level and allows me to
contribute my efforts in the organization
success. All the strategy and methods of
the cultural performance will support me to
Learning these skills ensures me
to apply and provide the
favourable work environment. I
will practice by evaluating the
needs and requirement of an
individual employee so that
they can be comfortable and
satisfied. Along with thus, I will
take the feedbacks and reviews
from them so if anything
bothering them can be solved
with my hands. Providing the
healthy and familiar
communication will keep the
work stress low and makes the
employee to feel relaxed and
comfortable. This skill will help
and aid the improvement in the
productivity and increase the
consumer scale as well.
As I learned impacts of
behavioural and cultural factors
E-Portfolio Template for Orientation in Higher Education - Desklib_2
development of an organization. Research has been
studies that many of the company cannot able to
improve and lead their business at higher level
because of lack of good work culture. People needs
affair environment where they can feel motivated
and courageous so that they can out more efforts in
the work procedure which will directly affect the
company growth. Good culture contains the more
motivation and workers can share their uses and
suggestion while communicating with management.
An excellent work behaviour can be built by
providing the transparency, ask for feedbacks, team
building activities and proper communication. In my
business management degree u has learn and
understand these values and importance of
favourable work culture and behaviour which can
effect at both positive and negative in the
organization performance.
performed at external and internal both
in business management. I will
consider both of these factors
while evaluating external
environmental factors and
business planning in the future.
Evaluation of these factor will
help me out in taking better
decision and solving problems
regarding business strategies.
The importance of
peer-to-peer support
and team working to
enhance learning
experience (Document
In each department, it is obvious that a company can
obtain the successful position with the peer to peer
support. I had learned the concept of peer to peer
working in an organization. A group of people
working together can enhance every work procedure
and objectives. This peer to peer function is
important for every individual or an organization at
any department either the students or a businessman.
I learned that working in a group makes the work or
activity easier and effective. Thus function helps to
motivate and encourage the people as nobody will
have the pressures on its own (Lee, 2020).
Communicating with people makes to improve the
I had learned and acknowledge the
importance of per to peer support in my
studies. U came to understand the concept
of this function which will be very
effective and useful for me in the future
time. As it is already known that when
people work in a form of group the result
will be obtain in an effective manner. In the
above section, u told that u wanted to be at
HR position where this collaboration of the
people will be needed in an organization.
Being at that position, it is my
responsibility to make the employee feel
I believe that peer to peer
support is important for all of us
whether we are employee and at
higher position. I will take help
of peer to peer support and
guidance in performing allotted
tasks in order to prevent myself
from failure and errors. I can
improve my time management
skill with peer to peer support.
As per their guidance, I can
prepare time table and can know
better ways of performing
E-Portfolio Template for Orientation in Higher Education - Desklib_3

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