Early Childhood Development Report

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Running head: EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT1Early childhood development.Student NameInstitution
EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT2Question 1There are several mental blocks and barriers experienced by teacher Maya and teacher Tanya in becoming more critical, creative and reflective as thinkers. They include passive thinking. Teacher Maya cannot think creatively because she does not want to stimulate her mind to new ideas. She wants to stick to the routine which entails the children getting outside to play at a particular time of the day (Crilly, 2015). Routine affects her creative thinking as she cannot allow Savannah to close the table in a more engaging way that can help the kid develop well. The other mental barrier is striving for consistency. Preferring to perform tasks similarly over and over will affect critical, creative and reflective thinking. Teacher Maya wants to follow her teaching schedule so that she can be consistent. This affects her critical thinking that can helpthe children develop as required (Curtis, & Carter, 2017). If it were not for being consisted, she could have told Savannah how she can close the table. By being creative and reflective, she could have told Savannah encouraging wants that could have helped her to learn how to shut down the table next time instead of hurrying her to go outside and play as usual.Rationalizing and justifying is another mental block to hinder critical and creative thinking in raising young children. Teacher Tanya believes that by being rational, Savannah is not able to close the table (Crain, 2015). She does not believe the kid is capable of doing some tasks on her own. Teacher Tanya thought that Savannah was going to hurt herself and she went ahead and helped her close the table (Curtis, & Carter, 2017). By not being rational, she could have viewed Savannah as a baby who can close the table on her own. This could have helped her thinkcreatively and encourage Savannah to close the table and help her to learn.

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