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Running head: EDITORIALEditorial on Research PaperName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
EDITORIALName of the Paper: Mediterranean diet and glycaemic load in relation to incidence of type 2diabetes: results from the Greek cohort of the population-based European ProspectiveInvestigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)Name of the Authors: M. Rossi, F. Turati, P. Lagiou, D. Trichopoulos, L. S. Augustin, C.La Vecchia & A. TrichopoulouDate of Publication: July 2013Publisher: Diabetologia 56(11):2405-13
EDITORIALType 2 Diabetes Mellitus a life style disease is considered as 21st century epidemic. Intype 2 Diabetes Mellitus, the body develops a resistance against insulin (Tuomilehto et al.,2012). However, the beta cells of pancreas produce adequate insulin in response to theglucose level in the blood but, due to insulin resistance, the insulin receptors located on thecell becomes unresponsive and thus failure in the uptake o glucose. This prevention in theglucose transport inside the cell increases the blood glucose level and thus generating thesymptoms of diabetes. Obesity or overweight is considered as the most important factorbehind the occurrence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (Chen, Magliano & Zimmet, 2012). Thisobesity is driven by the diet chart and the lifestyle maintained. Many studies conducted so farhave emphasized on the concept of healthy eating in order to fight back against type 2diabetes mellitus (Kaczmarczyk, Miller & Freund, 2012). Mediterranean diet is a kind oftraditional diet practiced in the Mediterranean countries. The diet emphasis on theconsumption of vegetables and use of olive oil and recommend restricted or moderateconsumption of protein or meat (Estruch et al., 2013). This study conducted by Rossi et al, (2013) aims the role of diet in the prevention oftype 2 diabetes mellitus. For doing this, they have undergone a comparative study in betweenthe Mediterranean diet and Glycaemic Load (GL) in relation to development of thesusceptibility of the type 2 diabetes mellitus. The significance of the study lies in the fact thatit will lead to the elucidation of how the carbohydrates consumption increases thesusceptibility of the type 2 diabetes mellitus and how maintenance of Mediterranean diet,lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Relevance of the Research Questions: The aim of the study conducted inMediterranean diet and glycaemic load in relation to incidence of type 2 diabetes: resultsfrom the Greek cohort of the population-based European Prospective Investigation intoCancer and Nutrition (EPIC) is to investigate the dietary aspect on development of type 2

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