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Nursing Communication1Nursing CommunicationStudent's Name:Instructor's Name:Date:
Nursing Communication2Nursing CommunicationFor all aspect of life, there are different type of skills that are required in order to make surethat the work is being complemented in an effective manner. In this context, communicationcan be determined to be one of the effective skills that enables to develop trust andconfidence among others. These are of two types which are non verbal and verbalcommunication.In order to have a harmonious personal life, it is essential to have robustcommunication skills.Though, strong communications skills can help an individual to excelin any profession, but these prove to be a pivotal set of skills for some or nursing.Among all the members who are involved in healthcare organization,the only member who have effective interaction with the stakeholders are nurses.They areable to eliminate the gap that other have and this is done by them with the help of effectivecommunication.Nurses are anticipated to judge the situation and use apt set ofcommunication framework while having proper communication in order to accessdisciplines, hospitals or units.The present paper deliberates one such important communication framework i.e. assertivecommunication which is used during nursing communications. The paper uses a hypotheticalscenario as an example.In this context, it covers different areas that enable to understand andraise learning for communication.Assertiveness can be determined to be the once belief, meeds, opinions, honesty andopenly. Further, it is also considered that there is no violation made for the rights toindividuals (Ellis & Hartley, 2005). In this context, it is essential that nurses need to besubmissive and aquiescent, tyhis is the time when there is communication going on withpatients, doctors, family/caregiver (Slater 1990; Poroch & McIntosh 1995). But, it is beenidentified that there is an change that is identified in the profession of nurses. In this context,the changes are identified in areas of their roles, legal rights and healthcare laws. Due to thesechanges, nurses are exposed to make use of other frameworks related with communication.With this respect, assertive communication is considered to be one of them. As per themeaning, assertive does not mean to be rude while having interaction with others. However,it simply means to raise once voice in an positive manner by staying calm and standing forother people’s right. It is being identified that some of the individuals have this assertivecommunication naturally and there are some of them who need to develop them.There arebasically two modelthatcan beusedwith the help of which assertive communication in
Nursing Communication3nursing can be practices effectively.With this respect, one of the model is “See it, Say it, Fixit”. As per this model, it understands the type of situation and focus on analytical aspect andthey think in order to communicate with others. On the other hand, another model is “Five-step model”. In accordance with this model, there are about 5 steps approaches used andthese are helpful enough to overcome the problem and also make use of effectivecommunication with the help of which proper interaction take place.For example, the present case is on communicating with friend and family members of apatient who is bought to hospital due to serious head injury. The nurse supposed toprovidethe family that patient is unconsciousand it is important to make sure that he is shifted tointensive care unit.When information was conveyed, the response of members was notfavourable as they get aggressive for not providing the information sooner. In such situation,it is important to understand the condition of family members and nurse should accept theaggressive nature and this situation can affect the nurse in negative manner.As quoted byGeorge Bernard Shaw “the greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has beenaccomplished.It is essential for the nurse to show empathy to the family members. But thereare conditions in whichit could give a wrong message of negligence on part of hospital andhealthcare team.It is essential to have assertive communication by nurses and properexplanation should be provided(O’Mara 1995).This willclarify one’s needs to the otherperson. Hence, in such scenario an assertive framework of communication is required.As perthe views ofBurnard (1992), assertiveness ishelpful to depicts professional confidence andit is required to be encouraged.The current case script has proposed the application of five stage framework of an imperativecommunication. A thorough and clear interaction is referred to be one of the most crucialcomponent of assertive communication.Herein, this is duly important for the healthprofessional such as nurse to directlystay in the communication with the family members ofthe patient. It is necessary that the nurse call them by their name (if not known, may ask firstwhom he/she is speaking too). Thiscreates a sense of familiarity with the respective membersof the family by providing a well acquainted feeling for the nurse that will result in theprovisioning of effective care to the patient. However, the use of mediate methods foraddressing the issuesgives an impression of lack of knowledge about the patient. Secondimportant thing is maintaining the eye-contact while talking with the family.It in turnindicates a sense of assurance in the way one refer to communicate with other. Selecting theterms is referred to be yet otherimportant aspect.The content needed to be transmittedto the
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