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Electronic Education and Diabetes Assignment PDF

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Running head: ELECTRONIC EDUCATION AND DIABETES1Electronic Education and DiabetesNameInstitution
ELECTRONIC EDUCATION AND DIABETES2Electronic Education and DiabetesDiabetes being one of the chronic diseases, the patients should actually do their best inthe management and the treatment of the disease. They should also try in maintaining thenormalcy of their metabolic status maybe through electronic learning (Kim, 2007). This is oneway in which the patients use the internet in getting information because most of the healthproviders lack time for the training. The main aim or objective of the study was to find out ifelectronic education about metabolic indicator has the impact on patients whose diabetes isdependent on insulin. Diabetes education can play an important part in controlling the disease(Kim, 2007).In this study, 52 patients who were diabetic participated. 24 participants for each groupwas calculated as the sample size. For α group being 5% and the β group being 80%. There werethose who qualified the criteria of inclusion and those willing to be part of the study in 147participants. There were put into different control groups or experimental depending on their oddand even numbers. The even and odd numbers were determined by throwing a coin. The patientsto be chosen had to have diabetes and needed insulin. This was one of the inclusion criteria.Another criterion was that the blood glucose was to be monitored by the patient or a familymember using a glucometer. The patients who had any chronic disease or was pregnant had to beexcluded. The educational advice was provided to the control group while the experimentalgroup joined various intervention programs. The control group was then given a chance to getinto the website after a post-test collection of data for analysis. The patients who did not attemptincluding the information into the website or even stopped taking part in the study were notamong the analysis of data list.
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