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Element of Value Base Care2The Nursing practice requires many qualities. It requires specialised skills, knowledge andhonesty, integrity. There are many aspects of nursing practice. It includes the type of client,different disease management. We should treat each patient equally without anydiscrimination. This relation is based on mutual respect and trust. It is a helping relationshipin which we should be sensitive to self and others. Providing physical, emotional, spiritualsupport to the patient and their family.(Anonson et al 2014)Excellent communication skills are important for us. This helps in building an interpersonalrelationship with patient and family. We are able to take better care of the patient. This alsohelps in building a relationship among the saff of the institute. More the communication by usthere is fewer chances of error. Also, it helps in creating a trust and positive environment.Communication is very important to us, patients and also their relatives. By effectivecommunication, a comfort level with the patient is developed by which patient conveys hispain, fear, shares anxiety.(Riley, J. B. (2015)Listening is a very important mode ofcommunication. It requires nursing skills and attention. By this, we can access the situationand problems of the patient. By being a good listener nurses can provide care at all levels ofrecovery.Along with listening, speaking with the patient also becomes important. Conversationsshould be held in appropriate condition. Each patient has its own way to discuss the problem.After we had listened to all the problems we can talk to the patient.A suffering person and its family members require support. This requires great sensitivity.We need to be knowledgeable and should carry enough experience in nursing to deliversensitive information in a proper manner. Confidentiality is a very important aspect. We mustknow what kind of information to be given and whom to be given. We should not give anywrong kind of information or right information to the wrong person. It causes a negativeimpact on the patient and the institution.It is important to develop an integrated care pathway for the patient. At times Propersymptom control is impossible in without proper communication . (Jameset al 2014)Anaccurate assessment of patient’s health requires effective communication. Communication isthe centre of all treatment. Communication will deliver a great amount of care. In the societyconversation about any dreadful disease is often very awkward and difficult. Among thehealth care professionals, there is a requirement of improvement of techniques to overcomethese obstacles. In last two decades, there is awareness of the importance of communicationskills.We require taking in time quality decision, based on clinical expertise. The aim is to providebetter, healthy and safe care to the patients with most new techniques available. To practice,nursing knowledge along with multiple studies needs to be utilised without any kind ofdiscrimination among the patients. All the patients have equal rights to access equal healthcare. (Kourkouta, L., & Papathanasiou, I. V. (2014)
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