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HAT304 Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Assignment

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Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism (HAT304)


Added on  2020-05-28

HAT304 Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Assignment


Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism (HAT304)

   Added on 2020-05-28

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Running Head: EMERGING ISSUES IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISMEmerging issues in hospitality and tourismName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
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1EMERGING ISSUES IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISMIntroduction:Commonwealth games are the biggest sporting spectacular and largest sporting event inAustralia that will be held at Gold coast. It is an international event and it will be hosted byAustralia on wider platform ever. There will be more than 65000 official participates and athletesand is expected to attract more than 100000 international and domestic visitors every day.However, it is well known facts that everything has its pros and cons. Hosting of such greatsporting event will undoubtedly help in raising economic condition of country( 2018). Nonetheless, some issues are associated with Commonwealthgames to be held in 2018. Attraction of huge tourists’ volume will have considerable impact ondaily lives of people as there will be heavy traffic and there will be problematic car parking andtransportation. Moreover, Queensland will experience pollution and will be over crowded.Pollution is enhanced due to tourists using plastics and helium balloons at the sporting event. It isconsidered as in issue because Gold coast is more close to ocean and it will be having morecanals. It is quite possible of getting those canals polluted because of using helium balloons andusing plastics. Queensland being a water-based city has a high chance of getting its marine lifepolluted due to using plastics. Furthermore, Gold coast is already having some disruptionerupting from construction of light rail leading to occasional local grizzle and some trafficdrama. When tourists go back to their home country, city will have to spend on setting upinfrastructure and it will not be priceless. Issues relating to environment such as pollution, trafficdrama, transportation, car-parking issue due to overcrowd are likely to evolve in 2018 Commonwealth games (McKercher and Tung 2015). In nutshell, it can be said that environmentalsustainability is one of the main issues concerning Common wealth games 2018 in Queensland.
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2EMERGING ISSUES IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISMSignificance of chosen issue for future development and growth of Tourism and Hospitalityindustries:The main issues that are likely to evolve from the Common wealth games 2018 inQueensland is related to sustainability of environment. It has been ascertained from someresearch that natural environments and excellent beauty of Australia are core strength ofofferings from global tourism. One of the stronger potential draw card for international anddomestic visitors in Australia are the unique natural assets of Gold coast in the world where thereis disappearance of ecological habits ( 2018). Therefore, protecting natural assets ofGold coast where Common wealth games will be held is of utmost importance for Australia. Forthe tourism operators, sustainable tourism has become the buzz word as it lead to incorporationof balance between various dimensions of tourism development such as environmental and sociocultural. Sustainability goes beyond maintaining natural environment as it takes into consideration theeconomic and social impact of sporting events and associated games. Environmental integrity ofregarded as one of the pillars of sustainable tourisms. Some of the key elements of sustainabletourism development are maintaining essential ecological processes, optimally utilizingresources of environment and requirement of conserving biodiversity and natural heritage(Cohen and Cohen 2015). Maintaining environmental sustainability helps city and country as awhole in generating economic growth. Sustainable development is envisaged as resourcemanagement in a way that helps in fulfilling social, economic and aesthetic needs along withmaintaining essential ecological process, cultural integrity, life support system and biologicaldiversity. Tourist visiting Australia finds the costal lifestyle most appealing followed byrainforest and wildlife and thereby maintenance of such environmental facets is relevant. Future
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