Explanation of Employee Relations: Assignment

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EMPLOYEE RELATIONSExplanation of Employee RelationsEmployee relation refers to maintaining effective relationship between employees and employer. HRMaims at managing effective employee relations so that it brings positive results and outcomes forKingfisher. This results in effective engagement of employees in business activities and operations.Importance of employee relations in HRM decision-makingHRM aims at maintaining effective employee relations so that employees feel satisfied and motivated andalso retain within Kingfisher. Effective involvement of employees within business activities leads toincrease business performance level. Following are given importance of employee relations in HRMdecision-making:Effective employee relations helps in reducing conflicts within organisation.Employee relation provides motivation and satisfaction to employees and they take effective part inbusiness activities and decision-making.It leads to increase trust and loyalty of employees towards Kingfisher.Motivated employees retain in business organisation that reduces employee turnover.Training and development programs helps in building employee relations.Health and safety regulations are practised for maintaining effectively relationship.Employee relations can be maintained by increasing the communication within businessorganisation.Identification of different key employment legislationThere are various employment rules and legislation that needs to be followed within business organisation.Kingfisher aims at providing safety and satisfaction to employees, and follows various enlistedemployment legislation:Equality Act, 2010Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974:This act focuses that Kingfisher ensures safety and goodhealth of employees. It aims at providing good and safe working environment, makes use of safeinstruments and techniques and provides safety guidelines.Pros:Provides safe working environment for employees.Ensures to protect health of employees and protects business assets.Reduces risk and provides motivation to employees.Implementation of safety act increases brand image and reputation.Cons:Increases the overall cost for organisation as it is difficult to maintain safety for large retailKingfisher business organisation.Legal compliance issues may affect business operations and activities.Requires extra time and efforts to maintain health and safety of large number of employees
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