Employee Relations in Tesco : Report

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Employee Relations
INTRODUCTIONIndustrial relations in today's term is regarded as alliance between employer andemployee in working in the organisation. Which is concerned with the mental and pragmaticrelationship between workforce. In the given scenario a newly appointed HR assistant of Tescohas been assigned to examine assistance between employers and workers (Akingbola, 2013). Theexamining is based on the laws and polices which are applied in the organisation in order toimporve the relationship. Different changes that assess trade unionism and employee relations.The success of business relies on effective relationship between workers and employers.Different dispute solution mechanism which is applied in the organisation to solve industrialconflict such as collective bargaining will be discuss. UK industrial labour laws affects theworking environment in the organisation. It meant to protect the rights of workers as well asorganisation so that it work forward for growth and development and not towards unfair businesspractices.Task 1P1.1The Unitary FrameUnitary perspective is a mental of belief, values, behaviour and policies relating tomanagement and organisation (Park, 2015). The reference is based on the description thatworkforce and manpower of Tesco, despite of there responsibilities and roles, must share thecommon goals, objectives and targets to achieve success and development. Each and everyworker are committed towards work and contribute in achieving common goals. In unitaryreference conflicts between any person working in the organisation considered negatively andthose who create disputes are treated as dysfunctional and disloyal towards organisation. As anHR assistant it is one of the role to continuously investigate about the work conditions in theorganisation. This results in the reduction of disputes and proper organisation culture cancultivate. Thus, the unitary reference believe that there is only one authority in the organisationi.e. management and those who oppose it, are treated as non existent. The unitary approach isessential for developing an effective employee relationship in the organisation (George, Georgeand Wallio, 2017). It lays more emphasis on enhancing employee loyalty and commitment to1
organisation. The unitarist perspective lacks realisation that there are power of inequalitybetween workers and employers which create different types of conflicts.The Pluralistic FrameIn pluralistic frame of references the domination of authority is divided into two groupsi.e. management and trade unions. Different groups with their leaders and legal power dominatespecific authority in the organisation. There are various opposing sources of leadership andattachment in the organisation (Amaeshi, Adeleye and Amao 2014). Trade Unions are legalrepresentatives of workers, and by helping them in gaining decision making power Trade unionare considered as positive source in the organisation. As a HR assistant of Tesco it has beenidentified that Tesco is using unitary approach by treating workers as assets rather than cost. Inpluralistic frame of reference the conflicts are unavoidable due to many inherent competing forinterests. Organisation is composed of many sets of assumption, attitudes and values. The role ofmanagement is more towards influencing and co-ordination and less toward enforcing andcontrolling. Unlike unitarist perspective the pluralist theory believes that by delegating authoritycan develops an effective employee relations in the organisation.P1.2Trade unions are the uninons which are formed to protect the rights of workers and tomaintain positive employee-relations (Ferreira and et.al., 2017). For attraction, growth anddevelopment and to retain membership trade union must accept and bring changes to theorganisation to generate positive employee relations. Trade Union must work and focus on theneeds and satisfaction of workers or employees. If they face any difficulty they can tell it to theunion leader. The resolution of disputes and conflicts between employees and employer can besolved by negotiation between trade union and organisation. Workers involved in an industrialdisputes at Tesco have rights to contact trade union and on behalf of those worker trade unionwill fight against the organisation for their welfare and benefits.The trade union which assess changes which affect employee relations in Tesco is Unionof Shop, Distributive and Allied Worker (USDAW). The investigation made by assistant HRclarifies that trade unionism affects employee relations at large context. Employees can resolvetheir disputes without going to top management (Xi, Zhao and Xu, 2017). Trade union is movingforward and changing continuously to increase the efficiencies of industrial relationship. Unions2
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