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Employee Training & Development of Evaly1|P a g eEmployee Training &Development ofEvalyH R M 3 4 0. 2F A L L 2 0 2 0PREPARED BYTEAM PALADINS
Employee Training & Development of EvalyGroup ReportHRM 340 | Section 2 | Fall 2020SUBMITTED TOShafquat Rafiul Alam [SQT]Full-Time FacultyLecturerDepartment of ManagementSchool of Business and Economics (SBE)North South UniversitySUBMITTED BYTeam PaladinsName of MembersIDMahmuda Afrin Nishu1811902630Afsana Mim Joty1813389030MD. Mohsihur Rahman1813269630Mehnaz Rashid Nosheen1812174630Sumaiya Tabassum1813607630Fahmina Sharmin Meem1812645030Sajia Binte Jamal Ria18115516302|P a g e
Employee Training & Development of EvalyLetter of TransmittalJanuary 12, 2021Shafquat Rafiul Alam (Sqt)Full-Time FacultyDepartment of ManagementNorth South UniversityBashundhara, R/A, Dhaka-1229Subject: Submission of HRM340 Report on the Training and Development of Evaly.Dear Sir,It is indeed a great pleasure to allow us to hand over the project work on theemployee training and development of Evaly. We sincerely thank you for yourextraordinary mentorship and proper guidance throughout the course. This report isthe outcome of knowledge that has been gained from the course HRM340. Thisreport has been formulated as per the information and instructions you provided inthe project outline and class. We are hopeful that we have managed to fulfill therequirements that you have provided us.We have given our best effort to make this project worthy of your appreciation andwe hope you will find it adequately informative. We hope you will appreciate ourhard work and excuse the minor errors. Thanking you for your cordial cooperation.Yours sincerely,Team Paladins.3|P a g e
Employee Training & Development of EvalyExecutive summaryEvaly is recently one of the biggest online marketplaces where people can easily findtheir desired products. It has provided varied business opportunities for small andmedium enterprises to leverage innovative technology to view more expeditiouslydomestically and worldwide. This report does not attempt to describe Evaly as aperfect business; rather, it discusses the training needs, problems, trainingstrategies, training program, evaluation and ethics, and some important issues thatwere carried out by Evaly to achieve success in this complex world of online trading.This report mentioned what training needs, training strategies, how to train theemployees, who will train them, how the evaluation program will follow, and somesuggestions. Moreover, we analyze a few key factors of Evaly's problems, such as itsspecific marketing strategies, various challenges, poor logistics, poor customersatisfaction, and ethical issues. Lastly, it is mentioned in the report's findings andrecommendations for these problems.Content4|P a g e
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