Employee Turnover Report | Ineffective Communication System

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Figure 2Employee turnover(Source: Employee turnover. 2016)Figure 1Employee influencing factors(Source: Influencing factors. 2014)Figure 3 Turnover(Source: Turnover. 2015)Mental pressureIneffective communicationOrgational environmentWagesReasons of employee turnoverImplementing exit interview system: Throughthis step feedbacks and reviews of employeescan be gathered. With the help of this process,actual reason of the mass number ofemployees resigning will be identified. Discuss with higher authority oforganization: Manager of the organizationshould discuss this issue with their higherauthorities. With the help of this process, theycan take effectively step in order to step this(Chok and et. al., 2017). Provide incentives: Providing incentives andemployee benefits can be considered as an effectivestrategy. With the help of this process more numberof employees can prefer to stay back with theorganization. Implement effective communication channel:according to the provided report, Paramount TravelHotel Park Royal are not having effectivecommunication system. This can also be a majorreason for employment turnover (Crawford and et. al.,2014). Therefore, through improving communicationchannel this problem can be resolved at some level.Paramount Travel Hotel Park Royal is one the well-known hotel of London. They are famous forproviding effective and quality services. From last 3years the organization is facing various issues relatedto the employment turn over. This is considered as oneof the major issue related to the growth of company.While investigating the problem, I have determinedvarious issues such as excessive workload, lowermoral of work force, mental stress and pressure onemployees.Along with this unproductive communication is also responsible. Through all these problems employees are organizations are not able to connect with each other. In order to resolve these issues, I am trying various approaches. Some of them are following:4.1 Problem solvingTASK 4

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