Employment and Contract Law Assignment

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Business has been considered as legal body of law which governs activities of commerce. It
is the branch of civil law. There are large number of countries adopted civil codes which involve
comprehensive statements related to commercial law. Employment and Contract law covered in
this report. Every employer of the firm is responsible to fulfil rules and regulation mentioned in
these laws (Dunning, 2012). Several types of cases discussed in this report such as 16 years old
girl sustained sever burn due to negligence of employer and other cases. Also consist concept
related to Alternate Dispute Resolution which is legal body introduced by legal authorities in
order to resolve cases of parties.
English legal system is the significant legal body which is helpful to resolve conflict of
parties who lodge their complaints in courts and seeking for best possible advice. Legal system
of United Kingdom is responsible to protect existing laws. Members are bound to follow
mentioned rules and procedures which are imposed on them. In this legal, system both criminal
and civil courts entertain cases within jurisdiction (Knapp, Crystal and Prince, 2016). No court is
able to entertain case outside its jurisdiction. Parties can lodge complaints in both types of courts
for the purpose of resolving their matter. All criminal disputes shall be resolved by criminal
courts and civil case in other courts. With the help of this concept, legal authorities are capable to
resolve problem.
There are various sources of law which has been consist rules of law-
This is the biggest source of law which is helpful to maintain entire legal system of UK.
It is presented in unwritten format. This source of law is able to protect rights and interests of
citizens on the basis of nation, caste, race, religion, place of birth and much more. Constitution
can maintain an effective relationship in between government and people. In the case of
constitutional country every person needs to be treat equally as well as expected to be abide by
law. Through the stage of framing of bill of draft and implementation to protection entire process
covered under in this concept (Coase, 2012). The primary function of this source is to separate
power to people according to their skills and knowledge.

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