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INTRODUCTIONBusiness law is applied in running business firms which consists different types ofprovisions, regulation, policies and procedure. Sources of law stands for origin of law. It isbinding rules and policies which is able to governing human conduct. Government of UK playeffective role in law making and decision making procedure. Bill of draft start by legal authorityand then it goes through set of approval or Royal assent stages which is provided by acts ofparliament. Employers are responsible to maintain health and safety working environment inworking premises order to attract their employees (Kinicki and Kreitner, 2012). According tocontract law companies are responsible to comes in contractual relationship with each other.Mentioned procedure is able to bind parties to fulfil their obligations. New alternative techniquehas been introduced by courts in order to reduce their number of cases and provide fair justice toparties who wants to resolve their matter. TASK 1P1. Structure of English legal system as well as different sources of law.Staff members of English legal system are responsible to comply with systematicstructure. All business organizations are bound to comply with. Criminal cases needs to lodge incriminal courts for the purpose of resolve matter of parties and civil cases file in civil courts.This is a systematic procedure which have to follow by legal authorities. There are various legalliabilities imposed on members which are bound to follow mentioned rules and regulation.People have to file their complaints in different courts according to the nature of cases andreceive best solution for their problem. As they are not able to file similar case among similarparties in different courts, they have to wait for the for the effective decision. Also there are different sources of law which are considered as origin of law. Mentionedeffective sources mat be national, regional, religious as well as international (Mann and Roberts,2011). Various types binding policies and procedure able to governing human conduct. Legislation- It is considered as significant sources of law through which origin of laws ispossible. It consists acts of Parliament which is also called as statutes. Delegated legislation hasbeen created by public bodies as well as local legal authorities. Such power given by parliamentto frame some rules in order to protect interest of entire country.
Case law- It is considered as decision which is made by courts as it also called asprecedents which binding other courts to comply with. When judges try to resolve current matterof parties and if required they take look on previously discussed cases for provide appropriatesolution to them. EU legislation- The United Kingdom joined EU in year of 1973. From that date, itaccepts legal rules and obligation and try to implement them as well to comply with.Furthermore, obligations can be fulfilled through Treaty (Latimer, 2012). It is situation in whichtwo or more state are comes in contractual relationship with each other as well as try to meetterm a conditions which are mentioned under written legal agreement name called agreementdeed.Custom- It is the common behaviours which is observed and accepted by entire society.The Customary law is popularly known as biggest sources of law and it is a foundation ofcommon law. Furthermore, it can have applied on entire country and every business organizationas well as members of society are bound to comply with them. It needs to reasonable, certain,appropriate, not be contrary to any other law and much more.Constitution- It is biggest source of law which include certain laws and acts. Alsodistribute powers among members of legal authorities according of their skills, knowledge andexperience. This source of law is able to protect interest and rights to parties. It consists variousobligation of parties which they need to fulfil.P2. Role of legal authorities in law making process.Government play effective role in law making and decision making process. As it is ableto frame some new laws in order to protect exiting laws which are enacted by acts of parliament.There are certain responsibilities are imposed on them for protect interest of parties. Publicbodies have to ensures that every business organization needs to comply with legal duties andmain effective working environment in working premises (Lieberman, Siedel, Warner andMayer, 2016). In case they found any type of misconduct then authority having power toimposed penalties as equal to mentioned under law. Stages of law making procedure are asaligned below-

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