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1A TOPICAL EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS ISSUE IN SINGAPOREIntroductionThe employment relation is depending on the collective behavioral change and exploresthe key themes of human capital, collectivism, and changes in the employment process. InSingapore, the under-developed economic mitigation process and create a collective arena of thestrong tripartite relationship between government, employees, and union is the concern matter ofthat. People’s Action Party (PAP) has taken over the government (Mom.gov.sg, 2018). Easterneconomy is somehow depending on that nation. A strong relationship is needed through theaction and behavior in the workplace. In Singapore, a blend of Asian and Chinese cultural peoplepresents and the traditional value and systems have faced some diversified options.Organization’s practices and policies need to be motivating for the employees so thatpsychological contrast will be mitigated in a reformed formation and a good labor force initiationhas been formulated by the nation.Main responsibilities of Singapore unionsA trade union is an association of workers and their aim to regulate the employees’through motivation and behavioral approach. Promoting good industrial approach is the betweenemployer and workers are the concern reason behind that. Working environment as well as thesocial and economic status of employees needed to be improved (Lakhani, Kuruvilla & Avgar,2013).Every individual union is not beneficial for the large-scale market, but these unions areimportant for the small-scale business direction and increase the economy with the traderegulations and laws. A controlled pricing format and control over any kinds of service has beenprovided by the Singapore union sections. Government initiations in such cases are importantand ensure quality works from them. Most of the Singapore unions are depending on the foreign
2A TOPICAL EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS ISSUE IN SINGAPOREinvestment. In case of an airline, insurance, and other factors in unions responsibilities willenhance as per the government system supports that situation. Unions are attracting foreigninvestors and that is the reason the outcomes of the products are needed to be fruitful for thedevelopment of the nation’s economy.The unique role presented by PAP and NTUC are important in this factor. A diverseculture is another responsibility that Singapore unions are providing through their work culture(Mom.gov.sg, 2018). The controlled government initiation is the most effective formation thatthese unions are doing in favor of the nation. The culture of reinvestment has been started fromthese Singapore unions. Natural resources of Singapore are not sufficient and that is the reasonbehind reusing the resources (Kim & Bae, 2017). Employees’ welfare and opportunities areprovided in union-related cases and through the employment act as well. Union as a traditionalsense of the word used as the short term workload handling but in case of huge foreigninvestment, the union hires some employees to complete the work in an efficient way. People arehappily come to work in those places as the government of Singapore has provided a safeguardin employment and declare some legislation, so that people can get their wage and feelworkplace satisfaction as well.Union related acts and developing natureTrade Union Act 2004 was a revised module of trade regulation that influences the unionbusiness tradition in Singapore. The union affairs, study custody and choice of union votes andfree election process are controlled by this act (Mom.gov.sg, 2018). The act basically regulatedthe trade union activities and underlines the production agreement as well.
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