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Section 1: Portfolio Evidence ISelf-evaluation checklistSkillsI don’tknow howto do this.I find thisdifficult.I can dothis quitewell.I can dothis verywell.Looking for informationIdentify which books/journals/websites touseSelect relevant parts of a textUsing sourcesAcknowledge sources of informationAvoid plagiarismPlanning/ writingBrainstorm ideasPlan written workLink ideas effectivelyParaphrase & summarise ideasWrite a topic sentenceWrite a concluding sentencePersonal studyWork independentlyManage my timeReflectionIdentify strengths / weaknesses in written workThink of ways to improve written workThink about experiences and describe in writingOral presentationDiscuss written work in a tutorialITAccess the internetUse search enginesCreate and save Word documentsversion 1.0 2

Section 1: Portfolio Evidence IILiterature Research (Recommended word count 400 words(4 x 100) excluding references.a.i.1.Find four texts for your research. For each text fill in the table below with the relevant information Question title: (Write your question title below)Reference: Type your reference here in the way that it will appear in your paragraph (in text citation) andin the reference list at the end ofyour work (full reference).Notes:Summarise or paraphrase the information from what you haveread. Do not use direct quotations.Justification:Evaluate the information you have written in the notes section and say why it is relevant to the question you are answering.Brooks, R. and Abrahams, J., 2018. Higher education students as consumers?Evidence from England.In England, there is a systematicand well structure of education system that helps students in improving their knowledge, sill and personality. However, thereis a different culture and atmosphere in England that can create issues for new students but it provides various opportunities to students for improving their learning and education. Students mostly prefer to go to England for higher education because it provides several opportunities to students for improving their learning and education.This information is relevant to the question because it matches to the question.Ravalier, J.M. and Walsh, J., 2018. Working conditions and stress in the English education system. Occupational Medicine,68(2). pp.129-134.The UK education sector has the highest level of stress sickness absence of all occupation. However, it provides several opportunities for employment to people. Its higher education system provides effective placement to students through, which they can easily set their career.This information is relevant to the question because this journalincludes information regarding higher education system of England.Skerritt, C., 2018. Irish migrant teachers’ experiences and In the higher education system of the England, there are well-qualified and talented teachers This information is relevant to question because this journal’s information is related to higher version 1.0 3

perceptions of autonomy and accountability in the English education system. Research Papers in Education, pp.1-28.and guides that help students in improving their knowledge and skills. With the help of teacher, students can easily improve their learning procedure. This helps students in improving their personality and professionalism.education system of England.Üstündağ, N., Aydoğan, D. and Vural, R.A., 2018. Developing protective factor scale for classroom teachers: A validity and reliability study. Uluslararası Eğitim Programları ve Öğretim Çalışmaları Dergisi, 8(1), pp.83-110.In England education system, teacher provides valid and reliable learning materials to students. They provide effectivedirection and guidance to students for learning new skills, and knowledge. There is effective opportunity to grow students; that is why large number of students prefers to goto England for higher education.However, there are various challenges found by students in England like different culture, higher expenditure etc but education quality is excellent in its universities, collage and schools.This information is relevant to question because it provides materials regarding questions like higher education in Englandand several opportunities for students in England for education.Section 1: Portfolio Evidence IIIWritten work self-assessmentform (recommended wordcount: 100)Complete this form before you submit your portfolio.Type a few comments below in relation to howwell you have addressed theFollowing criteria in your written work. DoNOT give one-word answers.PARAGRAPH STRUCTUREA. Has a clear structure including an introductory sentence and a concluding sentence. Yes, there is a clear structure and effective introductory sentences that I have made in the written work.B. Has features of academic writing. Yes there are attractive features and characteristics of academic writing.CONTENTC. Has compared directly between the two student bodies. (Q.1.)Yes there is a directly compared between two studentsD. Has commented on what we Yes there are comments on what I have learnt from theversion 1.0 4

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