Ensure a Safe Workplace : Assignment

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Running head: ENSURE A SAFE WORKPLACEEnsure a Safe WorkplaceName of the StudentName of the OrganizationAuthor note
1ENSURE A SAFE WORKPLACEIntroductionOccupational safety and health is a field that is concerned with the health, safety andwelfare of every employees and supervisors at workplace. This report deals with several factorsthat are associated with OHS system of organizations.Discussion:a.Methods of staying up-to-date with occupational health and safety legislation,regulation and industry practiceSubscription to Work Safe eNewspaper: Various eNewspapers are designed in order toinform the employees about latest news and developments in health and safety practicesand regulations (Friend and Kohn 2014).Accessing Health and Safety podcasts: The mentioned podcasts allow professionals tolisten to listen to the latest news about OHS legislation and practices in their way tooffice or returning home. Thus professionals can stay up-to-date with the latest news evenwhen they have a busy schedule.b.Methods of identifying and recording hazards and risks within the workplaceCollection and review of information about present as well as future risks of theorganization.Conduction of periodic inspection in order to identify recurring or new risks (Bahn2013).Investigation of illnesses, close calls, injuries and incidents to determine the underlyingrisks and shortcomings of health and safety practices in the workplace.
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