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Running head: ERP SYSTEMS1ERP ImplementationName:Institution:Date:
ERP SYSTEMS2INTRODUCTIONWhat is an ERP?It is a software architecture that facilitates the flow of information between differentdepartments of a company. ERP maintenance and basic tasks to optimize it correctly afterthe implementation of an ERP there is still much work to be done. ERP should have tests,advanced configurations based on daily needs, error and success tests. Additionally, it isnecessary to organize all the maintenance and evolution that the business managementsoftware will have to face throughout its useful life(Zach, Munkvold, & Olsen,2014).The investment in a business management software such as an ERP or a CRM does not end atthe time of implementing the program in a company. This type of tools causes a 180º changein any company since its operation makes the corporate culture evolve based on the newsoftware requirements. Therefore, it is essential that the managers of the companies are awarethat much of the investment in the ERP comes after its implementation: through themaintenance and evolution of business management software(Shatat, 2015).The maintenance of a business management software ERPThis type of tasks are linked to solving problems that may occur eventually in the normaloperation of the ERP. They are conditioned by some factors. The main ones are:the size of the management program itself.the number of users that make up the companyThe people who have the permission to manipulate the different modules of which theERP is composed; as well asthe volume of operations that a business management software of this type should beresponsible for carrying out daily(Ali, & Miller,2017).
ERP SYSTEMS3Depending on all these characteristics, specialized consultants in ERP should invest more orless time in software maintenance. Therefore, this time must be specified explicitly in themaintenance contract that must be signed by both the investment company and the consultingfirm specializing in business management software.(Abdinnour, & Saeed 2015).Benefits of ERPERP intergration can bring significant benefits if companies install the software correctly, inaddition to a wide range of other interests which are;Globalizing the system.More significant control of the company.Minimizes the time of analysis of the information.Have the information updated to make decisions.Have configurable modules according to each of the areas of the company.Avoid duplication of information.Obstacles in ImplementationOf all the ERP systems that are executed, half are left due to lack of commitment from theadministration, or else they fail during its implementation phase. Of these systems, those thatare correctly implemented have a large number of them rated as low performers by users.Why are failures in ERP projects so frequent?Fear of change: People do not like change, and with the use of ERP, the least that can beexpected is that the work processes are done differently. They cause fear in people who
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