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Running head: PERSONAL LEADERSHIPPersonal Leadership Model developmentName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1PERSONAL LEADERSHIPIntroductionThe focus of the essay is to analyse different leadership model and develop a personalleadership model, which will help me further in the future. The main organising idea of the traitsof the leadership, which are important part of this leadership is also, will be discussed. I havedeveloped this leadership by focusing onmanagement, multiculturism and teamworkas well as abehaviour in the leadership.Main organising ideais the personal leadership model consists of the traits that a leaderpossesses in any kind of field that they work.Leadership and managementare complementary ofeach other though they are not the same.The main idea of my leadershipmodel is dependent onthe behaviour of the leader (Antonakis and Day 2017). The core vision of this leadership is to beempathic about their followers, lead them to achieve moresuccess as a team,and encourage aworking relationship to alleviate theorganisation culture(Lussier and Achua 2015). The mainvision of the leadership is to create more value for the internal and external stakeholders whilemaintaining the profitability of the business.Explanation of the most important traitofleaders that I have included is honestytowardsthe employees and colleagues, empathy towards them, enthusiasm, commitments, excitements,inspirational, diversity oriented and havea team buildingand maintaining spirits (Antonakis andDay 2017). This personal leadership model is the perfect combination of task and behaviouraloriented. The most important part of the business is maintaining the diversity in people as well assharing the value of the company. Communication is also a proper skill of the leaderin mypersonal leadership model (Lussier and Achua 2015). An effective and productivity orientedleader properly communicates with the key personnel makes sure that the messages are properlycommunicated in the text. Adaptability factor of the leaders are high and they are focused into
2PERSONAL LEADERSHIPconstant development of the organisation (Berkovich 2014).Thus, I focusedon this kind ofleadership, which will also focus on developing the individuals in the system development too.Other essential traits of this kind leadership are dependent on the leadership and the nature isvery collaborative with the community they work with. In this leadership the following traits areemphasized. The right level of competency, creativity, courage, economic security and helpfulnature. This kind of leadership is very influential in behaviour as they change with therequirements but the core values and attitude of this kind of leadership is never changed. Theindividual of this kind of leadership loyal and wise towards the organisation they serve too(Lussier and Achua 2015).Core values of the leadership consist ofthe essential value and beliefs as well as theintegrity of the leadership. The integration of the organisation’s goals with the employer’sobjectives is essential in nature. Therefore,according to mealigning the goals is necessary partof the company’s leaders. The courage, authenticity and trust expectations are very high in theseleadership traits (Antonakis and Day 2017). I would ensure thisauthenticity and demonstratedcourage and ethical strength and trust maintenance of the employees are part of this leadership.Courage must be included demonstrate the strength of self in this kind of leadership anothermetrics. The matter will be emphasised in boldness when showing inclusion and justice whenfaced with adversity (Meuseret al.2016). This kind of leadership is demonstrated while treatingall the people with respect regardless of their background. Emphasise in humbleness, dignity andcommitments should be given of leading people in the company.Understanding the main aim of leadership isvery important part of organisation and thusthey play a very important role in the organisation.As main objective I wouldcheck that theleadership decisions contribute to the organisational objectives. The three main leadership
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