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Running head: International marketingInternational marketing
International marketingThe essay talks about the significance of the culture while conducting the businessactivities and operations at international level. It explains that how culture affects theinternational business. Thus, the company needs to understand the culture of the differentcountries to evaluate and measure the marketing strategies and policies of the overseas country.There are various impacts of the culture on the international business. It affects theoverall activities of the business adversely. In today’s era business activities and operations areaffected by the globalization of the economy. Globalization may be defined as a process wherethe social, cultural and economic activities are carried out across national borders. It is theprocess which does not bring equal and similar benefits to all the participants. The globalizationfocuses and monitors of its actions and attitudes in some division of the economic activity andsome countries and region rather than acting everywhere. The international business across theworld has become easier due to major changes in global politics, technology, educationalopportunities. Thus, if the company operates and executes its business at a global level thenculture affects the business operation of the firm (Samaha, Beck & Palmatier, 2014).The culture is the sum of habits, beliefs, behaviors, and symbols that are crossed fromgeneration to generation. Further, religion, communication, and languages are the elements of theculture which affect the international business. In addition, culture defines is a set of acceptedand common rules and norms shared by the society. But in international business, these normsand rules could be quite different and difficult for colleague and employee in the overseascountry. The three core areas of international business include communication, organizationalhierarchy, and etiquette. Every organization has its different and distinct culture thus, managerand employees should understand and evaluate the organizational culture to develop and buildmeaningful strategies and policies (Brannen, Piekkari & Tietze, 2014). The effective and uniqueorganizational culture helps to increase efficiency and effectiveness across the world. It alsohelps to overcome on its competitors within the organization. An organization cannot use currentmethods and strategies of their own nation while conducting business at international level.Every region follows different culture, religion, rules, and regulations. When the company startsits business globally then various challenges and obstacles are faced by the company. It canaffect the entire business operation of the firm. Further, culture can influence the businessactivities in different ways. The culture collisions and pricing difficulties arise while conducting2
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