Marketing Plan Assignment - Travelodge organization

Added on - Nov 2020

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Executive summary:Marketing plan can be defined as a document whichprovide information about the various activities which will be executed byan organization for promoting their goods or services in the market. Thereis various tool such as PESTLE, SWOT, porters five forces, value analysisetc. which can be used by manager in Travelodge organization foridentifying the various external factors which have effect on marketingplan of an enterprise. Marketing objective of an enterprise is to increasesales by 5 to 10 percent within six months.Analysis of situation:Porters five force analysis:Threat of new firm:The company in which Travelodge company isoperating is very big and new companies in order to enter into an industryrequires to make huge capital investment. Which is not at all possible forsmall organisation to do so. Therefore, there is less chances of threat ofnew entrant.Threat of rivalries among existing firm:An industry in whichtravelogue company is operating its business consist of giants or powerfulcompanies. As organisation is operating business at international level,therefore, business entity has to face competition from global companiesas well. Hilton hotel is big competitor of Travelodge (Pradana, and of substitute:There is high chances of additional services whichcan be provided by competitors.Bargaining power of suppliers:Bargaining power of supplier is low, assupplier want to generate high profit by entering into a contract with suchbig companies like Travelodge.Bargaining power of buyers:High,as the switching cost for buyer islow they caneasily switch to other brand.Objective of Marketing:Travelodge marketing objective is to increase its sales by 5 to 10% within six months.Segmentation, targeting and positioning:It is better for Travelodge to focus on particular market ratherthan whole market because it simplifies the process of achieving target.Segmentation is the process where buyers or clients are dividedaccording to their taste and preferences. Travelodge can target businessclass people.Marketing budgetBasisEstimated budgetAdvertising activities£10.22Promotion£11.35Blog creators£8.27Campaigning£9.36Distribution£9.27Total£50.52Basic marketing plan for Travelodge
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