The Internet's Effects on Planning: Motivation, Processes, and Outcomes


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Explain the Internet’s effects on planning by how it influences 1) the motivation for planning, 2) the processes for planning, and 3) the outcomes of planning. Be sure to give complete explanations of each effect, using examples in your discussion.Answer.The highly noticed benefit of the internet can be considered the immediate access that helps inproviding organization, feedback, and the accessible application. The Internet influences themotivation for planning due to its easier use and its help in offering immediate methods that canhelp in creating the list, storing and organizing files and further to retrieve information whichhelps in connecting with other important sources. These functions and activities can be done in atimely mode where pre-planning is not required. Furthermore, it has been seen that the productsare recommendable for the future use and can be found on the online cloud. This leads toincrease in the motivation as per the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs which have outlined that theability to complete tasks and for accomplishing goals. The process of planning can also be affected by the internet, various selection tools are offeredfor making planning easier. For an instance in the case of categorizing for listing the task thatneeds to be completed along with the reminders. The efforts and time were allowed even if thepeople are computer illiterate regarding the use of planning tools.Additionally, it is found that the planning outcome is very easier when the internet is used due tothe design of the application for providing instant feedback during every step that is being taken.In the form of motivation, this provides instant satisfaction, giving a motivation for movingtowards their specified goals. Furthermore, the tools for breaking up the task as per the long-termand the short-term goals is also done using the internet. This helps in keeping everything in oneplace where all the majority tools are either free or very inexpensive at times. If somebody

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