Feasibility Study for Order Entry System


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Feasibility AnalysisThe purpose of conducting a feasibility analysis is to understand the practicality of the proposed project. It helps in understanding the underlying strengths and weaknesses of the project and any likely opportunities and strengths that can hamper the project progress (Clifton and Fyffe, 1977). Moreover, it helps in assessing the resources that are available to move ahead with the project. Technical feasibility states the technical expertise the company has to conduct the activity. The economic feasibility states the benefit the company will receive on economic terms after the completion of the project. The organizational feasibility assesses the legal and corporate structure of the business. Technical FeasibilityToys and Tiques has necessary capital to implement order entry system, automated system to process forms, a system to track orders, and a system to handle mailing list and market analysis. The company can operate and maintain the same as it is willing to hire two senior computer operations personnel. The growing business of Toys and Tiques ensures that business will be more profitable after the implementation of these systems as it is likely to fast track the business process.Economic FeasibilityThe implementation of the proposed system will improve the speed with which the company handles the daily tasks which might positively impact the growth of the company as it can process more orders in short time. Organizational FeasibilityThe proposed system will not conflict with the legal requirements. The companies in the country are allowed to process the customer data for their own purpose. However, any use of the data against the good of the customers is not allowed. The company has the understandingto follow the data protection regulations and the proposed project is comfortable with the existing local and international law. As the company is willing to induct two employees to handle the system, it can be stated that they will not face any issue. Feasibility Analysis – Technical, Economic and OrganizationalProject Sponsor: Business Need: Conduct feasibility analysis for the system to be implemented to fast track the operationsBusiness Requirements: The project implementation is feasible for the business on all the three front, be it technical, economic or organizational. The company inducts two personnel to handle the technical people and are ready to invest in training people for the same. Economical improvements are likely to take place after the implementation and the structure of the organization requires little changes. The new implementation is in line with the local law and regulations.
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