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Marginalization of People of Color: Media, Court System, and Educational System

Added on -2019-09-19

This paper explores how media, court system, and educational system have contributed to the marginalization of people of color. It discusses how media creates disparities among people by showing exaggerated views against the blacks, how the court system targets African-Americans directly and punishes them in a more aggressive manner than the whites, and how the educational system discriminates against the blacks and gives preference to the white students.
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Final paperMarginalization of people of color means that the people with a particular skin color are beingput in the powerless or unimportant position by and within a particular group and society.Marginalization of people of color is pre-dominantly a social phenomenon in which exclusion ofa minority or sub-group, (which is the dark colored people here) happens and their desires andneeds are ignored by the society. 1.How has the media helped in the marginalization of people of color?Media is a very powerful tool in influencing the people of the world. It has the ability torepresent the collective images of the people of a particular color. The color impacts the lives ofthose people as well as of the others. Media creates a general antagonism towards the blacks ofthe world. They have their own reasons for this but; they do it for marginalization the people ofcolor. Media creates disparities among people by showing the exaggerated views against theblacks (Milkie, 1999). They depict the people of particular color as criminals and violent people.This makes the others feel that blacks are bad, they are cruel people and they cannot do any goodfor the mankind. The media shows lack of sympathy for the blacks and this feeling extends toothers too. The media also reduces the attention for the structural and the other factors that arebigger in picture. Therefore, people become narrow minded and they also start to view the blacksas minority, and start to ignore them. Media has the power to gain public support for the punitiveapproaches to the problems (Entman, 2001). 1
How has the court system (criminal justice system) contributed to the marginalization ofpeople of color?It has been observed that the biggest crime that the criminal justice systems make, especially inthe US is that the race-based institutions are established that targets the African-Americansdirectly. It has also been observed that these people are punished in a more aggressive mannerthan the others, especially when compared to the whites. It may be politically incorrect to saythat the criminal system of US is controversial, but the facts support this point. This can be saidbecause a surge has been observed u=in the country where the blacks are seen to be put behindthe bars for even four decades. The major reason for this has been the war on the drugs. But,whites also engage themselves in the drug offenses and are not punished in such a harsh manner.Then, in another story, it has been observed that the police in the country stop the blacks at muchhigher rates than the other color people. When the arrest of the blacks and whites takes place, theblacks remain in the jail for a longer time than the whites. There have been disparities in theirarrests since 1995 (Wilbanks, 1987). This shows that the court system (criminal justice system)contributed to the marginalization of people of color. 2

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