Financial Assets Valuation Report Of Agilent Technologies

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Financial Assets Valuation
Financial Assets Valuation2Agilent Technologies IncIntroductionThe chemical market, diagnostics, and life science are ruling by Agilent Technologies Inc andhave a quantifiable effect on the scientific world. Agilent Technologies was founded inSantaClara, Californiaand currently12,500 employees working in it. Agilent Technologiesis aleading maker of scientific testing equipment and provides laboratories all-inclusive withinstruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise and provide customers the properguidance for their problems and empowering clients to pick up the product and services they arelooking for. Agilent earnsU.S. $4.20 billionrevenue in 2016 (Agilent | CompanyInformation.2017).Products Agilent Technology supplyAgilent supplies a large number of systematic and measurement instruments, including, massspectrometers, gas and fluid chromatographs, anatomic pathology workflows, vacuum pumps,genetic and diagnostic instruments and devices. Its operations incorporate items utilized as a partof nourishment, compound investigation, energy and life sciences, crime scene investigationinstruments and an environment.Major subdivision between Products and Services Company provides:Food and nourishment:Agilent provides technologies to test the global food supply and justmake sure that the food people are consuming is free of containments like bacterial, viral,chemical or microbiological.
Financial Assets Valuation3Forensic and environmental:Agilent offers the fastest, sensitive and safe methods forobserving contaminants which can affect the quality of life, products from pesticides topharmaceutical residues to trace metals are major product Agilent deals with.Pharmaceutical:Agilent has one of the broadest solutions arrangements of any organizationserving the pharmaceutical business.Diagnostics:provides possible diagnostics for the fight against diseases like cancer and claimthat there path laboratories serve fast and accurate information.Chemical and Energy:Agilent claim their solution are helpful for customers those who want topredict the failure and production in their refineriesResearch:Agilent claims that their software, instruments and sample preparation solutions helpscientists conduct faster, more accurate research.Agilent Technologies Inc successfully gets the highest sales outside the US and created his newcompany in late 2014 which deals in electronic measurements. There are numerous expertise andtrusted collaboration which helps Agilent to become the leader of life science and chemicalmarket.Alexion Pharmaceuticals IncAlexionis focused on developing and delivering life-transforming therapies for patients withdevastating and rarediseases. Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc is situated inNew Haven,