(PDF) Exercising at work and self-reported work performance

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Fitness ProgramsShould companies allow employees to exercise onwork time?Term paper outlineDate Submitted: October 27, 2016I. Part one: BACKGROUND AND MY MAIN IDEAA.Background: Injury rates
B.Fact right nowC.Personal lifeD.Main ideaII. Part two: Economics, Sociology,Anthropology and BiologyA.Biology: why do exercise are pretty important for us.1.Eat2.Exercise3.relaxB.Anthropology: people just think about the immediate benefits1.Short-sighted2.Long time benefit should be better choose.3.Lazy people need to know.C.Economics: here are a new policy1.save money2.Pay more money3.Future trendD. Sociology: help the nations become stronger and healthier.III. Part three: Ten reason i will say yes for my topic.-----C 21.Fit employees are less likely to get sick. A person who is physically fit isgenerally more resistant to the "bug going around" than a person who is notfit.Reduced absenteeism and reduced health care expenditures are the result of afitemployee base.2.Fit employees have more energy. One of the many benefits ofregularexerciseis increased and sustained energy throughout the day. Thisenergyallows the employee to stay focused on the task at handing, bringing the best
ofthemselves to each task.3.Fit employees have more self-confidence. A fit and healthy individual tends tohave a high level of self-confidence, because they have proven to themselvesthattheycan accomplish what it takes to obtain a level of physical fitness. Thisself-confidence empowers the employee to challenge themselves, and striveforhigher levels ofachievementin the workplace.4.Fit employees inspire confidence. An persona who maintains ahighfitnesslevel, tends to be a person in whom others have confidence.5.Fit employees tend to take on more leadership roles. Because of the manypositive benefits of a lifestyle, a fit individual tends to make a good leader6.Fit employees set and achieve goals. Extraordinaryfitnessoften demands thatan individual set and reach goals related to their fitness.Learningto stay true toyour goals and see them through to completion is a skill that is naturallybroughtinto the workplace. An employee with the proven ability to setaggressive goals,and then REALIZE those goals, is a valuable asset to anyorganization.7.Fit employees tend to have better attitudes. Fit employees generally "feelgood". They tend to have a physical and mental "balance" that results in amorepositiveattitudein the workplace.8.Fit employees are less stressed. Regularexercisereleases the physical ANDemotional tensions that life brings our way, thus a fit employee tends to havelower overall stress levels than an employee who does not engage inregularexercise.9.A fit employee base presents excellent team-building opportunities. Teamactivities like softball or tennis are wonderful ways for employees to take their
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