Revising Marketing Strategies for Target Audience


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Flip-flop Story ofHavaianasMarketing – Consumer Behaviour | Individual Assignment
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Part #1IntroductionHavaianas is largest seller of flip-flops. The company is from Brazil. The inspiration of thecompany’s product came from Japanese zōri sandals. The company can be referred as the firstmass producer of this product. In this discussion, the various aspects of the company will bediscussed such as the target market of Havaianan, ways the company can sue to influence theidentified target segment’s pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives and its customers’ post-purchase stages, communication strategies the company can use, and the strategy to design thepromotional strategies to attract the target audience. The target market of the company was low income family in the initial period of the growth. Theprice of the product was not beyond $5. However, the emerging competitors in the market startedto eat away the market share of Hawaianas. Thereafter, the company moved on to the highprofile customer segment by improving upon its branding strategies and product positioning. Thehigh profile customers with deep pocket are the current main focused customer segment of thecompany. However, the company has not stopped producing low priced flip-flops for the lowincome consumers. It can be stated that the target market of the customers belongs to all the agegroup of customers and of almost all income level.The company can influence the pre-purchase decision of the target segment in various ways. Thecustomers move through information search for the product whenever they decide to buy theproduct. The company can provide information to the customers at this stage through the use ofonline and offline medium. The company can advertise on social media, or it can present theinformation through offline medium. The customers might find the information provided by thecompany useful in making the decision. The company can handle the post-purchase of thecompany by asking them for the feedback or any concern that can be used to improve upon thecurrent marketing and product development activities or solve their issues. This will help inincreasing the customer satisfaction level.The company can use the personality and lifestyle of the customers in designing the promotionalactivities to appeal the target audience. At present the market has seen greater use of the onlinemedium; therefore, the company can amply use this medium to attract the customers. The socialmedia has become the integral part of the lifestyle and personality of the current consumers. Theconsumers are spending their time online more than other medium. Therefore, targeting thecustomers on this channel would be more beneficial. The current target customers of thecompany use social media to track their favorite products, services or celebrities. Therefore, theinclusion of online promotional strategies into the plan would be beneficial.Consumer socialization refers to the process where the young people gains the abilities that allowthem to act as the consumers in the market. These can be certain skills, knowledge, and attitudes.
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Mentioned below are the five marketing communication strategies that can be utilized to appealthe young consumers for the company:-Using Student Media: There are various college newspapers that can be utilized toadvertise the product. Moreover, the company can advertise the product through the radiochannels. The use of these mediums will be cheaper for the company and it will give thecompany direct-reach to the young consumers.-Using Text Advertisement: The young generation is more deeply engaged in reading thetext from the cell phones such as receiving text messages from their friends and familiesand from current smartphone applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook. The companycan use these medium to reach directly to these young consumers based on the internetuse and profiling. -Sending Campus Representatives: The Company can also send its representatives to thecolleges to promote the brand to the young consumers. It should be ensured that thepromotion must not look like old school thing and must be attractive to the younggeneration. The company can conduct DJ nights – if allowed by the collegeadministration – within the allowed hours to create a fun environment and subtlyadvertise or promote the product.-Supporting a Cause: The Company can support the cause that is favored the younggeneration. This will attract the young generation towards them.-Making quick social media ads: It is evident that the majority of the young generation hasless attention span and, therefore, the company can make short interesting videos that canattract the attention of the young people. -Being Interactive: The Company can engage in online games and allow prize winnings.This can attract the young customers.-Listening to them: Understanding what young consumers want will help the companyimplement the strategies accordingly. -Using Flyers: The Company can distribute flyers in bars, coffee shops but not in a loudmanner. The company can place flyers on the coffee tables that can be picked by thepeople if found interesting.The company has tried to consider right target market that is the high income class based on thebrand development. It can be stated here that the company’s strategy to play on brand value ismore durable than playing on price in the low priced market. Moreover, the company’s lowincome target customers have developed good appreciation for the product and it is liked verymuch at all levels.ConclusionThe company needs to improve its marketing and promotion strategy after the change in themain target market of the company. As stated above, the implementation of new strategies such
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