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Question 1(a)The requisite frequency distribution table is shown below:(b)Histogram of percentage relative frequency is shown below:Based on the above shown histogram, it can be said that a long right side tail is the indication ofthe presence of positive skew in the data. Also, the data is asymmetrically distribution and also,there are some outliers situated on the right side of the data. Hence, the data is not normallydistributed.1
(c)Considering the asymmetric shape of the graph and the potential presence of outliers, itwould be recommended to use median as the preferred indicator of location and notmean. The mean in such cases can be skewed owing to present of high values and hencemay represent an exaggerated indication of central location.Question 2(a)Alpha (level of significance) = 0.05H0:β=0H1:β0It can be said based on the above table that for slope coefficient the p value is lesser than alpha(0.00<<0.05). Therefore, sufficient evidence is present to reject the null hypothesis and to acceptthe alternative hypothesis. Hence, the conclusion can be drawn that variables demand and pricesexhibit a significant relationship.(b)The value of coefficient of determination is computed below:R2=SSRSST2
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