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Frequency Distributions.

Added on -2019-09-23

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Frequency Distributions1Frequency DistributionsLaura Peña-DuvalMAT201 / Basic Statistic May 17, 2017Professor Qian Liu
Frequency Distributions2The data collected in first module are the values of time in minutes I spend watching television is as shown below:Day1 73 MinutesDay2 80 MinutesDay3 65 MinutesDay4 20 MinutesDay5 69 MinutesDay6 75 MinutesDay7 72 MinutesDay8 73 MinutesDay9 68 MinutesDay1070 MinutesFrequency distribution table of the above data:TimeFrequency20 Minutes165 Minutes168Minutes169Minutes170Minutes172Minutes173Minutes275 Minutes180 Minutes1

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