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From:To:Cc:Subject:Discrimination in the workplaceDate: October 28, 2016HiI am pleased to say that I have a tremendous working experience at the organization since lastthree months. Now, I am able to identify my potential.I have never faced any problem at the workplace. As the company believed in equality and invaluing religion and culture of every individual. But after the joining of the new manager, thingshave changed. As he is very rude with the employees of different religion and particularly withme. For the betterment of individual and organization goal, I suggest that discrimination shouldbe eradicated.The main problem is that the manager is not at all friendly with the employees of a differentreligion. He always insult us whenever we ask something related to work. He didn't even listento our any suggestions as we are not allowed to be a part of decision-making process. We arealways separated according to the religion when it comes to performing the task.I would like to recommend that the company should develop and implement a comprehensiveantidiscrimination policy along with antidiscrimination training programs.You are in my knowledge of my sincere intention of helping us. My purpose of writing thisemail is to make sure that the company should not get adversely impacted because ofdiscrimination among the employees. Hence, this will be the company to maximize businessvalue.Best
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