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Functional Requirements iCare workers should login in order to write into the diary Care workers should be able to create, edit and delete activities dailyCare workers can reply to comments on diaryCare-worker should be able to record student absentsAdmin allocate child to a care-workercare-worker allocate child to activity room based on ageCare-worker should be able to login into the system to check the children she/he is looking after for the day.Care worker should be able to update the development planChild parents have a login details Actiivity room should be registered on the system Care workers can create a development plan for different age group.Parents can be log in to the system to view their child/children diary Parent can view their children/age development plan based on their age Parent can send a message the care worker to communicate important information. Parents can comment on diary activitiesAssumptions Not all the nursery staff will be able to have access to the system but a care workers and the deputy head can have access to itSystem has the ability to sort the diary by date.Admin has the ability to create, delete and manage overall websiteChild parents have a login details New student/child is added into the system by admin. Admin will set/generate username of care workers and parentsSystem will send username and system generated password to parents by emailSystem will allow parents to changereset their passwordsThe system has three users accounts (parents, staff and admin)The system should allow the care worker to select child ageThe system should register more than two parentThe system should show children/child care-worker.

Use Case: Log inPrecondition:User has navigated to the websiteUser has created an accountActors: Admin, Parent, Care workerDescription:1.Actor clicks 'login' button2.Actor enters their username3.Actor enters their password4.System verifies entered credentialsAlternate steps:4.1 Entered credentials are invalid. System prompts user to re-enter credentials.4.2 Incorrect credentials are entered three times. User is locked out of the system.Post Condition:User is redirected to their home page

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