Use Case #107: Users are Unable to Play Online.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Use Case #107: Users are Unable to Play Online1.1Author:Khalid Alsubaie1.2Last Update:9/14/161.3Status:Under Review1.4DescriptionThe User wants to get help for any issues/errors that occurs while gaming.The Customer provides an easy and convenient way to help/assist its users through the applicationThe developer follows-up, adds, improves, edits, debugs, and updates the customer’s application to make surethe customer’s application is running perfectly.1.5LevelSea Level1.6TriggerThe User clicks the Help Chat link.1.7Primary ActorThe Primary Actor is the User asking for help from Tech Support to get their issues while gaming resolved.1.8PreconditionsThe User [Primary Actor] must have an active Internet connection, logged onto the [] siteopen in the browser and a unique game username ID.1.9Main Success Scenario1.The User connects to the website.2.System asks the User to sign up.3.The User is taken to “Create Account” page.4.The User fills in their account information.5.The User fills in their password.6.System checks for valid information.7.System authorizes User’s valid information.8.The User confirms their sign up.9.The User is taken to the sign in page.10.The User enters their username and password.11.The User clicks “Sing in Button.”12.The User chooses issues/problem subject from the list.13.The User submits the help request.14.Systems connects the User to the Tech Support Rep.15.The User starts chatting with Tech Support Rep.
16.The User logs out.1.10Extensions2a: User is a regular User:1.System asks the User to enter their existing username and password.2.The User is taken to the “Sign in” page.3.The User enters their existing username and password.5a: Password requirements:1.The User must enter 8 characters including one or more uppercase letter and number.2.The User must not enter DOB or SSN as a password.10a. User enters invalid password1.System displays message.2.The User is taken to “Password Recovery” page.3.The User must enter their security question and security answer.4.System checks User’s valid security question and security answer.5.System asks the User to enter their email.6.System authorizes User valid information.7.System sends new password to the User’s email.8.System logs out the User from the website.9.The User is asked to reenter their new Temp. Password.10.System verifies the User correct password.11.System asks User to enter a new password.15a. The User disconnects/loses their internet connection between the chat:1.System asks the User to renter their username and password.2.The User renter their username and password.3.System logs the customer to the main page.
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