Presenting General Idea About Psychology

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G. Psychology (ASC 200)FINAL PROJECT GUIDELINEStudent Name: xxxxxxxxxStudent ID: xxxxxxxxxxStudent College: xxxxxxxxxProject Title:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSubmission Date: (STUDENT PORTAL) 24 / 6 / 2018Professor Name: Dr. Emad .ShahrouriSummer 2017- 181
General Instructions:-The project should meet the following standards:1-Font: Times New Romans, size: (12)2-Line Spacing (1,5).3-(1700 – 2000 words) OR (at least 10 pages) excluding the coverpage and references).4-(5-7) references. (books, articles, e –resource, e -books)5-Wikipedia NOT allowed as reference.6-Plagiarism (Copy – paste NOT allowed) - plagiarism will be cheek(maximum percentage20 %.)2
PART 1Introduction: Theoretical BackgroundA -In this part the students will write the introduction for their projects, this includingpresenting general idea about psychology, definitions, opinions, comparisons.B- Justification for choosing this project (the important of this project, how will thisproject will serve the area of psychology?C-Students can provide any scientific evidence for their project (statistics, figures, data,facts).D-In this part students must write at leastone – three questionswould like to Answer.(these questions will be created as a result of the previous discussion of psychology.E-Students must clarify how they will answer these two questions(which theories ofpsychology they will use? Approaches or Models)F-This part including about(500 – 700) Words.Note: this part Carries (3 Marks)PART 23
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