Galenic Perfume and Cosmetic Trading


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GALENIC PERFUME & COSMETIC TRADING1About UsLong ago, beauty and health were fleeting. Galenic I company which is inspire by beauty.It has high quality of beauty which gives both class and elegance to people. The name Galenicrefers to Galenic formulation, which includes finding the best combination and the most perfectcompound to produce an effectiveness of the active substances while also evoking emotions andpleasing the senses. Our mission is satisfying the diverse beauty needs of cultures and customs who look for naturalbeauty products that are very effective. Today, Galenic personifies the ultimate authentication ofhigh quality beauty products, cosmetics and nature care, these products based on purity andsustainability, development and manufacturing for 28 years. Our market is at present in UAE, Dubai and we ship it to all the Middle Eastern countries as wesupply all the best and high quality of American brands and we mainly use two productsAGAVE OIL & BIO IONIC brands which is by far the best and most popular brands among thepeople. We have almost 10 million loyal customers. As it is a luxurious brand so we understandthat people of a specific class might buy the product but however we soon plan to produce moreproducts which is going to be reasonable and so that we can expand our business. At the presenttime Galenic brand has over 200 products, used in professional hair salons, and also perfumesand beauty products which is present in all beauty stores and even malls in Dubai. Our company mainly uses these two brands Agave Oil and Bio Ionic brands. The name “Agave”is actually a name of a plant it is a nature’s smoothing secret, which is present in all Agaveformulas, providing the ultimate hair transformation a restoration. It is derived from Mexico’sBlue Agave Plant, Agave is nature’s hydrating and healing cure for dry, damaged hair. The
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