Marketing Management of Cosmetic Company

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Marketing Management of Cosmetic Company

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Marketing management Answer 1: Lush Ltd. is a cosmetic company which was founded on 12 November 1995. The lush organization was developed by the Mark and Mo Constantine. It provides a variety of products inbath and body care, skin care and off beats gift ideas. All the products are homemade and it uses natural and ordinary elements. The selling prices of lush products are very reasonable. Lush stores are located in the major area and it is very specific about their areas and location. The team of the lush use segment market to attract the customers. It gives ads and advertisement to increase the sale of the products and create a top image in the market (Tripathi, 2013). Lush uses the multi channel plans and policies and it does not have a customary marketing department. It also sells its products online and lush uses color codes to differentiate between natural products and ordinary products. The lush team is very creative and innovative, therefore, the team develops new ideas and thoughts to create new products. The company is very open minded and passionate about the new products and services. When the lush company launches a new product in the market, it tries to sell this product in the first 24 hours. It shows the brand personality like sincerity, excitement, sophistication, competence and honesty (De Chernatony, 2010). Lush produces various products such as shampoo, soaps, creams, shower gels, scrubs, moisturizers, lotions, masks and other cosmetics for the body, face, and hair. Its products are 100% vegetarian and lush includes vegetables, fruits, vanilla beans, rosemary oil, coconut and fresh papaya. Lush does not purchase products from those companies who charge a high commission for the animal testing. They test their products on human helpers before selling the products in the market. Therefore, its products are made in the factories across the world including Canada, Poole, Dorset, Germany, Toronto, and Dusseldorf. Women and girls prefer thecosmetics and beauty products of lush. Thus, Lush is providing excellent cosmetics and beauty products to consumers. Now it can be said that lush has been able to be successful in catering to consumer’s personalities (Busatlija, Land & Mathieu, 2014). Answer 2: “We believe our products are good value, that we should make a profit and that the customer is always right” this statement is true. Lush brand believes in good values of the products. The innovative products of Lush include dusting powders, bath ballistics, massage 2
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