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Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges

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Added on  2024-01-18

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This article discusses the contemporary challenges of gender equality, discrimination, and issues. It explores the factors responsible for gender inequality, such as illiteracy, child marriage, and lack of legal protection. It also examines the types of gender inequality, including inequality in family, natality inequality, professional or employment inequality, ownership inequality, and household inequality. The article highlights the effects of gender discrimination on mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. Additionally, it discusses the sustainable development goals aimed at addressing these challenges.

Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges

   Added on 2024-01-18

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Gender Equality, Gender
Discrimination, Gender Issues:
Contemporary Challenges

Prepared by

Dr. Khwairakpam Sharmila

Assistant Professor

Dept. of HDFS
Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges_1
Gender Equality
The view that both men and women should receive equal treatment and
not be discriminated against based on their gender.

Also known as sex equality , gender equalitarianism, sexual equality or
equality of the genders.

The process of being fair to women and men.
Requires equal enjoyment by women and men of socially valued- goods,
opportunities, resources and rewards.

It doesn’t mean men and women being the same.
Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges_2
Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges_3



Social evil



Lack of

n against the
girls child

Lack of


Factors responsible
for Gender In-
Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges_4
Factors responsible for gender inequality

Illiteracy is one of the factors responsible for gender inequality. According to 2011 census
of India., the literacy level in India is 74.04% in which the male literacy level is 82.14%
and female literacy level is only 65.46%.

Child Marriage

Children specially the girls are married at a very young age. This proves fatal for their
overall development and have a negative impact on their health, too.

Social evils

Social evils like dowry system, sati system, are also responsible for the low status of

Discrimination against the girl child

The girl child is not treated properly in the family. People still prefer the birth of a boy
rather than a girl. The girl child is basically trained for household work only. Even today,
female infanticide is a common social evil.
Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges_5
Lack of employment equality

The current global labor force participation rate for women is close to 49%. For men, it’s
75%. That’s a difference of 26 percentage points, with some regions facing a gap of more
than 50 percentage points.

Job segregation

One of the causes for gender inequality within employment is the division of jobs. In most
societies, there’s an inherent belief that men are simply better equipped to handle certain
jobs. Most of the time, those are the jobs that pay the best. This discrimination results in
lower income for women.

Lack of legal protections

In many countries, there’s also a lack of legal protections against harassment in the
workplace, at school, and in public. These places become unsafe and without protection,
women frequently have to make decisions that compromise and limit their goals.
Gender Equality, Discrimination, and Issues: Contemporary Challenges_6

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