General Difference Between Youths

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Running head: GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUTHS AND THEIR PARENTS1Generational Difference between Youths and Their ParentsStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUTHS AND THEIR PARENTS2Generational Difference between Youths and Their ParentsIn the 21stcentury, there is a generational gap that is experienced in the society. Theyoung generation has a particular of handling issues as compared to generations of the parents. Itis expected that with time ideological changes takes place which may be perceived differently inthe community. Some matters were considered unacceptable in the traditional days, but todaythey are being viewed as normality due to the changes in perception as well as exposure in thesociety. Evolution in the governance of the corporations as well as the civilization contributes tothe generational gap that is experienced in the society. The young generation is behavingdifferently as compared to the way their parents used to behave and handle issues during theirtimes as youths(Hopkins & Pain, 2007). Various factors have contributed to the change in theways of behaving and handling of issues in the society. In this piece of work, the discussion willbe based on comparing the way of living of the youths and that of their parents and what factorsare contributing to the generational differencesOne of the primary factors that are contributing to the generational gap between theyouths and their parents is advancements in the formal education. Majority of the youths in the21stcentury have gone through high levels of educational ranking which results to high reasoningcapabilities among the youths. Education does not only influence the behavior of an individualbut also reasoning capability of an individual due to exposure to both practical and theoreticalexperiences of various scholars and how they used to behave(Glass, 2007). In the era of theyouth's parents, there was a dependence of the traditional education which was glued to personalexperience as well age. Majority of the parents could not go through the education systemoffered in the modern day which implies that various aspects have been introduced in the courseof learning. Also, during the parents' time, there are various levels of education that could not be
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