Global Success o f Korea’s Pop Music Industry

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Running head: GLOBAL SUCCESS OF KOREA’S POP MUSIC INDUSTRYGlobal Success of Korea’s Pop Music IndustryName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1GLOBAL SUCCESS OF KOREA’S POP MUSIC INDUSTRYThe spread of the culture of Korea was initiated by the first TV shows of Korea known asthe dramas that became one of the very popular shown in Asia. Then, came the great wave thatwas spread in the rest of the world that has become possible due to the internet. The popularitythat has been associated with the drama has drawn a lot of attention of the cultures that arepresent in Korea (Lathrop, 2013). Moreover, the knowledge of music is an integral part of thedrama as the main and popular songs are repeated very often during the various episodes namelySHINee’s Stand by Me, in the drama called Boys over Flowers. However, to understand the increasing form of the globalization of the K-pop music around theglobe, it is very important to understand the key elements that are played by the companies thatpromote the management of the pop music (Song, 2015). Several management agencies in Koreathat includes the S M Entertainment, the YG Entertainment and the JYP Entertainment takes themain actors of the industries of K pop and are usually referred to as the Big 3 because they havethe strong amount of the market shares and the operations in the International markets. Each ofthe agencies have their own styles and focuses on the certain type of the music that mainlyproduces the Hip Hop and the R and B images, the SM specializations in the pop and the danceand the JYP and the R&B dances and pop. The YG Entertainment has been founded by the former member of the Seo Taiji & Boys[+],Yang Hyun-Suk (Lindsay, 2015). YG who are the recording the artists that are including the BigBang, PSY, Seven and the 2NE1 and the companies have the partnerships with the various formsof the labels for managing the International releases such as countries like Thailand, China,Japan or in the Philippines. It has been observed that the first half of the YG Entertainment haverecorded the sales of the revenue of more than seventeen billion (Song, 2015).

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