Global Supply Chain Management.

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Global Supply Chain Management
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the implementation of linear programming scientific modelin order to minimize the transportation issue in the Coca-Cola Company, and it is settled by theadministration researcher programming in order to produce an ideal arrangement. The globalsupply chain management analysis of Coca-Cola Company shows that there are transportationissues which act as a barrier to achieving the goals and objectives of the company.Global procurementThe linear programming scientific model helps to minimize the transportation issue and costs byconsidering the two variables namely, time and costs in order to determine the best alternativemethod among the set of options (Vanderbei et al., 2015). In the global procurement strategy, thelinear programming scientific model can be used to select the procurement market in order todetermine the cost benefit to the company. For example, there are three markets from which thecompany procures goods and services so by implementing the linear programming procurementmodel; the best option is selected by the company by considering the time and costs ofprocuring the good and services from the suppliers. The company is currently facing variouschallenges in the transportation due to the absence of standard procurement procedure. So theimplementation of linear programming model helps to resolve the problem of transportationissues which enables to improve the global procurement strategy in the efficient and effectivemanner. The global supply chain of the company is facing the transportation issue which impactson the overall profit margin of the company because of excessive cost (Monczka et al., 2015).The linear programming model helps to resolve the transportation issues by providing the
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