Globalization General Electric


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Globalization General Electric
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General Electric (GE) is a multinational company based in America and headquartered in
Boston. GE has aggressively invested in the foreign expansion of its company. There exist
various reasons for GE to expand its business operations globally. Increasing globalization forces
have altered GE’s nature and terms of doing business irreversibly and significantly (Sechler,
2012). This paper discusses the political environment, ethics, social responsibility and
sustainability, and organizational structure of GE in its operations on Brazil.
Political environment
Political decisions in foreign governments affect the operations of GE. In GE’s
operations at Brazil, interventions by the government have greatly affected its growth. Also, the
government in Brazil has been open to global trade and thus boosting GE’s globalization
business operations. For GE to succeed internationally, technology is vital. In the foreign
markets where GE operates, other companies have greatly invested in technology to boost
competitiveness (Roberts, 2010). For GE, increased digital technology adoption has contributed
to major growth in the different industries where it operates in Brazil. This increased adoption of
digital technology has led to innovation of new products and services in all sectors where GE
ventures in, and thus an opportunity for growth in GE’s industry environment.
Ethics, social responsibility and sustainability
In its global business operations, GE is focused on satisfying all stakeholders’ interests
through corporate social responsibility (CSR) tactics. These CSR activities capitalize on gaining
a competitive edge over rivals for the advantage of shareholders, customers, owners, employees,

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