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Government supported health care pdf

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Added on  2019-10-31

Government supported health care pdf

   Added on 2019-10-31

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GOVERNMENT SUPPORTED HEALTHCARE2Government Supported HealthcareOverview of the government programs.Organization and DeliveryThere are six major government programs that invest in the provision of healthcare services to approximately one third of Americans. Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP are intended for people who have major healthcare needs and poor socioeconomic status including elderly persons, low-income mothers and children as well as people with disabilities. The other three including Tri-Care, the Veterans Health Administration program (VHA) and the Indian Health Service program (HIS) serve specific populations with a particular relationship with the government such as military personnel and their families, veterans as well as Native Americans respectively (Barr,2016).Financing The government uses tax payers’ money to finance government sponsored health programs through the federal, state and local governments’ budgets. In 2013 for instance, Medicare and Medicaid was financed by 14% and 8% respectively of the federal budget. It also facilitates provision of healthcare services by offering tax subsidies to health care providers so that health services can be more affordable (Barr, 2016).Their role as entitlement programs and effect on healthcare demand and deliveryThe role of these programs is to deliver health care services to all American citizens who are eligible. These government-sponsored programs help to reduce the burden of diseases, injuries and providing healthcare services to about 100million beneficiaries. They assist in
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