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Graduate Business Employment

Write a reflective paper on your readiness for professional employment, including sections on recruitment processes, MBTI type critique, value of postgraduate study and international experience, importance of ethics, and an action plan for professional development.

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Added on  2023-06-11

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This paper discusses the importance of reflection in social work and education, recruitment processes, MBTI critique, and more. It also provides insights on informational interviews and career planning.

Graduate Business Employment

Write a reflective paper on your readiness for professional employment, including sections on recruitment processes, MBTI type critique, value of postgraduate study and international experience, importance of ethics, and an action plan for professional development.

   Added on 2023-06-11

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Graduate Business Employment
Reflective Paper on Your Readiness to Undertake Professional Employment
It is no doubt that reflection forms a critical part of social work and education.
Apparently, reflection is regarded as an important practice especially for those workers who are
in the place settings or rather in newly qualified social workers. In simple terms, reflection set
aside an opportunity of reviewing our decision as well as decision-making processes regarding a
certain profession. This paper proposes to discuss in details a reflection of my own experience
through an online interview test also known as the MBTI (Curbano, 2018, pp.301). While many
people may assume various aspects regarding their personal traits and their overall association
with others, such virtues shape personal career towards a certain professional. In this light, taking
an online MBTI interview is that big step that one may be yearning for in shaping one’s career
development. Primarily, I have always assumed myself to be a person who sets personal bar
and directions, however, I would not like to be challenged in any particular matter especially
those that I am confident in. nonetheless, I found the interview
Recruitment Process Used
I had previously managed to have done my placement with the human resource
department in one of the leading food retailing firm in Australia, and they had a system of
bringing in various new recruits to perform duties and responsibilities that always made the
company be in the forefront. Apart from performing our daily duties the company insisted on the
ethical culture of the whole institution and had good relations with the executives, managers, and
all the employees. Apparently, employees selection is no doubt one of the most essential
processes human resource managers have to go through given they have to look for a rather
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Graduate Business Employment 3
qualified set of employees who presumably can meet and fulfill the firm’s goals. Besides,
qualified employees are likely to make an organization successfully and ensure that it withstands
s the overall competitiveness of the global market. Notably, the human resource managers act as
the bridge between an organization and potential employees.
In essence, I currently work with Wal-Mart which is as well regarded to be a leading food
retailing company in Australia. During my first application for a position as an intern was
through the internet. Primarily, the company has had huge changes particularly in transforming
its operation to a digital experience. Additionally, the company uses the same technology
particularly in recruiting its workers (Lussier, 2018). This means that any person that intends to
apply for a job in Wal-Mart has to use online platform. During my time as an intern, I realized
that the company used various personal skills in form of communication where the firm hugely
advocated the use of personal referrals.
Critique of Your MBTI Type
During recruitment session in the online platform, the company used a sort of interview
that interacts with an individual on various personal aspects needed for a successful appointment.
Notably, there was an apparent application of the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) as a form
of personal inventory (Üsdiken, 2018, pp.171). Primarily, the overall purpose of this personal
inventory is to ensure that the theory of psychological types is simplified and used appropriately
in people’s lives. This is viable since people are known to be different and therefore are likely to
differ correspondingly. Noteworthy, this kind of test interview uses the four dichotomies in
dividing people. These dichotomies include introvert versus extrovert, intuitive versus sensory,
thinking versus feeling, and judging versus perceiving. In this light, the test tends to ultimately
divide people into 16 types based on the set of traits that they fall in. The main basis of this
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Graduate Business Employment 4
system especially when used by companies is that it asks the users various general questions in
which it will then define the personality of the end user.
I am not certainly new to MBTI test as I have done it over years and always found myself
coming out the same person. However, during my intern interview, I found out something about
myself. After doing the test, I was told that I was an INTJ (Truong, Laura, Shaw, 2018, pp.32).
To my understanding, this was only one letter off from the rather INFJ. I had to admit that I was
such a person given my judging nature and always preferred my live structured. This was
somehow true as most people of this nature were relative quite (introverted) and sometimes
focused to dig into various theories (intuitive) (Lesiuk, 2018). While these assumptions might
sometimes be true, I disagree with it in a substantive degree given that one just answers random
questions where some might be answered for the sake and not genuine.
Appraisal of the Value of Post Graduate Study and International Experience in Your
Discipline Area
Throughout my education, I have tried to be that person that stands out particularly in as
far as education is concerned. Having studied hospitality at Melbourne University in my
undergraduate degree, I had the ambition of doing my postgraduate in the same field (Azevedo &
Hawranik, 2018, pp. 265). Apparently, I am glad to have studied post graduate in the same field
and certainly appear among the best in our year. In essence, my international experience has
been fantastic having traveled in various countries such as England for delegation meetings
during my initial days at Wal-Mart. Primarily, this has shaped the destiny of my career has it
gifted me with a chance of meeting different people know how to interact with them (Ivana &
Ivan, 2018). This is useful in my career given that it involves meeting people each and every day
and therefore knowing how to interact with them provides the best chance of showing others
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